SC Micro Thin Dry Fly with Overhang Marker®️


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SC Micro Thin Dry Fly with Overhang Marker®️


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Micro thin fly line designed to overhead cast dry flies and nymphs. The ultimate in delicate landing, stealthy approach fly fishing. Designed for the spookiest trout in crystal clear water and bright sun. A line for the most difficult fish. Designed to cast overhead but with a 9' front taper down to an ultra low diameter tip, you can nymph in calm or fast water also. 29' head.

What is the difference with the Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly? Use the Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly with rods 9' and over. Use the Stuart Croft's Dry Fly with rods 9' and under. If the rod is 9', then you can choose either. The Jeremy Lucas has a longer head designed for larger rivers. The Stuart Croft's has a shorter head designed for smaller rivers.

  • 2 smooth, small, strong welded loops
  • Overhang marker
  • Micro thin running line
  • Micro thin anti shadow grey front taper
  • 100' total length
  • 30' head length
  • Easy spool packaging, just tie on and pull
  • Low memory
  • Lies straight

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Milo (Lenggries, DE)
StuartCroft line

Hi Sunray Team,
My first impression is Wow.. ! Used normally the other brands , and this Line is so a completely different.
So thin, no memory, and the loop is so slick / smooth !
The loop it self has no ( or little) coating, and the transition to the line is so slick and smooth.
It runs with no resistant through the guides. The loop we all know, are always stiff and do get caught up in the guides,
the coating will brake after a while.
off course the line casts perfect . (use a 7'' #3 Rod)
( also bought the 50yards Backing, also a perfect product.)
Thank you
Best regards

Chris Gray (Inverness, GB)
Fantastiic product, changed my fishing !

I paired the #3 SC Dry Fly Line with my G.Loomis NRX LP 8'8" having used DT lines until now. First time out was into double figure wild browns on a large scottish river. I used the line with a 5 1/2 ft furled leader. The line cast very easily with excellent control and mended nicely, accuracy at distance was very good. I had 3 fish after shooting the line a fair bit past the overhang marker, distances I wouldn't have normally attempted with DT lines due to the risk of making a mess, the line cast perfectly. For a couple of hours it got pretty windy, I continued as normal when I usually would have called it a day. Overall the line is a pleasure to use providing a combination of delicate presentation, and accuracy, I honestly didn't think the line would make so much of a difference to my fishing and was a bit hesitant to make the change, very glad I did - excellent product !

I used Line Slik as recommended by Tom, while I can't say how the flotation properties compare to Red Mucilin but I definitely found it much much easier to work with and will also be using it on my furled leaders going forward. I have the World Nymph Line for my Maxia SX 10ft 2wt which I will be trying out just shortly and am looking forward to trying the Hybrid Tippet when fishing dries.

David Barnsley (Evesham, GB)

Great service and a great product

John (Gillette, US)
Day on the stream

The line performed well. The 5wt line was able to reach the spots I needed with little effort. Turned over nice. I wish they made this line in larger sizes works nice.

Gert Brits (Stockholm, SE)
Not bad

I was fishing this line for a week, roll casting and overhand casting. I have a progressive action mid flex 8ft6 4wt fly rod. Overhead casting this line shoots like a dream, roll casting from one side of the bank, after 4hrs the line was twisting as if it was nylon line put on the reel incorrectly.

Myself and a friend had the competition 2020 line, which somehow cracked all over the fly line coating, almost like a cracked earth visual effect. I'm wondering if this and the line twist are connected?

The line casts well, lands gently, handles furled leaders like a dream. Just not sure how long it will last.

Alexander Forsyth (Edinburgh, GB)
Awesome fly Line

Very good fly Line very happy with this line and all the other sunray fly lines that I have purchased from you

Mr Ken Lockwood (Chesterfield, GB)
Fly line for stealth approach

I have found this fly line a great advantage in casting on my local Derbyshire Wye. It turns over well and doesn’t disturb the water, a great improvement on fly line design

John McPhee (Isle of Lewis, GB)
Better cssting

I’m pleased with the ease of casting

Joe Alexander (Worcester, GB)
Stuart Crofts dry fly with overhang marker

Initially the line wasn't good at close range loading on small streams with dry flies , but I've got used to that problem !!!! I feel it doesn't cast as well As my old line , but is great and very delicate for long range dry fly presentation !!!!

Overall a good line , was expecting more on a pricey fly line but that life I guess . Not as good as the old Wychwood presentation line I had on before it !!!, I'll keep it on my reel for a couple of seasons because it cost good money , but otherwise I won't purchase another one !!!!!! And I fish small streams a lot in Herefordshire and the Welsh borderlands , so a good fly line is a must for me !!! Thanks very much Joe Alexander.

John Cox (Didcot, GB)
Stuart Crofts Line

Superb combination of delicacy and performance in adverse conditions. Adept for close range presentations but can easily reach the far side of the middle Kennet to pick of a far bank sipper. Really pleased.

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