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Microlite GT - The Ultimate in tactical gear. Feel every take.

An ultralight, precision fly rod using the latest innovation in fly rod design. 

Compact 5 piece model - Designed to be the perfect travel companion. 

Featuring the world's most expensive guides - Torzite. The lightest, slimmest, hardest inserts in the world. These low friction strippers and diamond coated snakes allow you to cast further with tighter loops and greater accuracy.

The Blank - New Super Slim (SS) carbon technology, developed by Sunray. 20% slimmer. 

Sleek Matt Black finish. Unvarnished for that essential non reflective finish.

Cork handle - 20% slimmer Flor grade cork, to give an unparalleled connection to the blank.

'Airmesh' Rod Sock - Our protective mesh sock has a padded feel with woven air holes, allowing the blank to breathe within the tube, meaning your rod can dry whilst stored in the sock.

Carbon Rod Tube - A great looking brushed carbon rod tube. Lightweight, yet solid. Giving true protection for your rod.

The Microlite has gained a cult following in the ultralight fly fishing world, providing a high end, speciality model for the forward thinking specimen hunter. 

A precision instrument, capable of allowing you to feel every take. 

The Microlite GT is a high end performance model with a true through action and lightening fast recovery.  Simply put, the Formula 1 of fly rods.

Customer Reviews

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Fizzing with Energy

When I got my first Sunray rod, the JL nymphing rod, it was the best rod I had ever used…until…Tom introduced the Volition 10' #2, which quickly became the best rod I had ever used. Or at least it was until Tom introduced the Microlite 10' #2, which was quite definitely the best rod I had ever used.
I now have the brand-new 10' #2 Microlite GT and here are my initial thoughts on the new rod.
First, moving the reel holder to the bottom of the but section makes a huge difference to the balance. With a fully loaded Sunray Atom reel attached, the new seating position for the reel brings the pivot point for the rod to exactly where my thumb sits on the grip. The balance is perfect.
Second, changing to a five-section rod also seems to add a lot. In combination with the pivot point moving into the handle, the rod’s action is stunning. It positively fizzes with energy that transfers efficiently to produce effortless and precise casting. I am really very, very impressed and, while Tom is clearly on a journey of continual incremental improvement, I simply cannot imagine how this one can possible be improved.
According to the Sunray website the ‘GT’ designation stands for Grand Tour. But in my mind, it clearly stands for ‘Go To’ because this is quite definitely my new go to rod. It is quite definitely the best rod I have ever used!
Save all your pennies and get one

Wow Dave. What a great review. Thank you so much. This has really made our day and Tom is delighted too. Thanks again from Team Sunray.