Lineslik Line Treatment
Lineslik Line Treatment £12.99
100% non silicone cosmetic grade line slick and floatant designed to maintain the life of your fly line and increase distance / buoyancy / accuracy. 40g recyclable metal tins. A non silicone cosmetic grade line treatment that soaks into the multifilaments of silk fly lines and protects / slicks pvc and Pu fly lines. Why? Reducing friction creates tighter loops, gets further distance and creates a barrier between water and the line, meaning quieter, easier pick ups and higher floating lines. Some silicone treatments are too thick, some are too thin, some attack the varnish on rod blanks. Sunray LINESLIK doesn’t. Being cosmetic grade we actually use it as lip balm and hand moisturiser too. You may laugh but when you’re in 60kph winds and / or blazing sun, you’ll be grateful for it. We have been, many times. 
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Fly Line Backing & Indicator
Fly Line Backing & Indicator £7.99
Dacron ™ braid backing with a 2 tone hi vis braid pattern. Low diameter Dacron designed to knot easily and dry when on the spool. We use this backing for freshwater and saltwater fishing when we need space on our reel to prevent the fly line jamming against the frame. We also use this backing in 8' sections as indicator material when nymphing. We apply lineslik to make it float and leave it untreated when direct line nymphing. We use red backing for floating lines and green backing for sinking lines. It makes for easy identification of lines on reels. 30lb 50m Dacron™ Low diameter For all fly lines and fly reels Indicator material
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