Hybrid Tippet

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Fluorocarbon coated nylon tippet material

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What it's for

  • Maintaining wet knot strength
  • Using alone or combined with Straight 'n' Soft tapered leaders
  • Dries and nymphs
  • Presenting the fly straight
  • Preventing light reflecting off the leader

What it's not for

  • Heavy saltwater work


Myths and Facts - Fluorocarbon, Nylon and Hybrid Tippet

The goal was to make a a tippet material that maintained it's wet knot strength and was not shiny.


  • Fluorocarbon coated nylon
  • 50m spool
  • Light matt grey in colour

Customer Experiences

Ian Sharpe UK

- I’ve been using Hybrid Tippet for about 6 months now and absolutely love the stuff. I mostly fish buzzers/nymphs or dry fly and being quite lazy like the fact I can just change fly to suit conditions without faffing around changing tippet material and using mud to dull my leader especially if I want to keep mobile and fish one set up. My local Stillwater is gin clear & I have definitely noticed improved hook up rates on still bright days not always having to step down in diameter. Knots tie nice and neatly & I’ve not had any issues with knots failing but always make sure to wet them before drawing tight. Think I’ve got most diameters now and after ordering 0x by mistake have put it to good use for adding to thinner diameters on windy days and also for adding about 3ft to the end of braid when lure fishing for bass. When using it from the rocks it seems to be pretty abrasion resistant . 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
good for grayling on the Hodder

Brass head size 16 and your leader tippet, OK I hit a shoal but 17 unhooked in 2 hours is pretty good

Great tippet all round tippet.

Good quality tippet, knot strength is brilliant. Tied droppers onto the tippet as well. Very pleased.


Hybrid tippet

Very effective tippet

Seems to do what it says. Knots fine, strong for thickness and As far as I can see not easily visable

Hybrid tippet

Love this tippet material and now I will not use anything else. Highly recommended.