Hybrid Tippet

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2.75lb 0.12mm 3.75lb 0.15mm 4.85lb 0.17mm 6.5lb 0.19mm 9.0lb 0.22mm 12.28lb 0.28mm 14.8lb 0.30mm

Hybrid Tippet

£11.99 £13.99 -15% OFF


2.75lb 0.12mm 3.75lb 0.15mm 4.85lb 0.17mm 6.5lb 0.19mm 9.0lb 0.22mm 12.28lb 0.28mm 14.8lb 0.30mm

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  • 50m spools

Hybrid is superior quality copolymer nylon monofilament, coated with a micro thin layer of fluorocarbon. The 2 bonds of materials combine the high performing characteristics of both materials.

Strength / Diameter Copolymer is easy to knot but loses up to 20% of it's strength when wet. The fluorocarbon coating maintains the wet strength of the tippet which means you can fish a tippet up to 20% thinner than you could if you used pure nylon. Fishing a thinner tippet means that you can fish smaller flies, more naturally and spook less fish. 

Light reflection Light reflecting off the clear surface of tippet spooks fish. Hybrid has a very slight grey tint which reduces light glare by 60% which results in more fish hooked. 

Abrasion resistance Fluorocarbon is more abrasion resistance than nylon but is also a little stiffer. Combining nylon and fluorocarbon creates a supple but robust tippet material that will not break when fishing over snags. Essential when nymphing is boulder strewn rivers.

Knots Pure fluorocarbon is very hard to knot. Heat builds up and snaps the tippet. Nylon is very easy to tie. Combining the 2 materials means you can benefit from all the features of fluorocarbon but still tie knots very easily with cold / wet hands.

Stretch Fluorocarbon stretches less than copolymer. Hybrid stretches less than pure copolymer because it is coated with fluorocarbon.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Roy Nixon (Nottingham, GB)
Straight Line and a Soft Landing

We all know and have seen our leaders land in a 'clump' with a heck of a 'Splash' spooking any fish in the vicinity. Something we don't want to happen.
How did I guarantee! a soft landing time after time after time?
the answer is so very simple 'Buy the proper product of course, Sunray's Straight 'n' Soft Leaders (light grey & clear tip) from the online store another first class product from Sunray that actually works! You might buy yours from a tackle dealer or make your own! But be assured you can only get this modern leader which makes catching more fish, less drop offs and is much kinder to the fish, guaranteeing your sport for another catch and release day. There is only 'one' right way when it comes to fly fishing! That way is the 'Sunray' price is very favourable too! try it yourself. If you want truly straight and soft landings that does not spook fish take a look at the details on the net www.sunrayflyfish.com

Tim Kirk (Milton Keynes, GB)
Straight leaders

I bought one of these when I bought my comp 2020 floating line and attached it immediately it's been installed since a great leader for the price, even better on sale for £3 so I bought a load.
Another great sunray product

James Wedge
Best of both worlds

Word of mouth for fine fishing fly lines

That's what we set out to make, fine fishing lines, thanks.

Ray O Connor

Excellent Knott strength also invisible first time i used it got my first ever grayling after trying for 20 years

John Rickson (Lancaster, GB)
Great Leaders

Straight 'n' Soft Leaders - at last a leader which is not like a coiled spring with a mind of its own. Nice stealthy grey butt section - great for dry fly fishing.

John bridgeman (Swansea, GB)
Hybrid tippet

A very good tippet that performs well need to make sure you wet the line before knotting, otherwise it can coil and break easily.

Jay Earle (Matlock, GB)
No strength

No strength in the line, line breaks as soon as the knot is tied, regardless of method used. Totally disappointed.

mike mulraney (Warrington, GB)
Yet another quality product from the Sunray Team

I love my fishing gear and over the years I have seen it and done it all .
I have recently ordered more goodies from Sunray and amongst the haul was a couple of reels of Hybrid tippet . Great material and of course it does the job in hand very well.
Well done and keep on thinking out of the box 👍

mark saunders (Caerphilly, GB)
Easy too cast

Great item and slides across water naturally

Pat Rocks (Glasgow, GB)


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