Straight 'n' Soft Leaders (light grey & clear tip)

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  • Extra limp, dull colour, dead straight leaders
  • No more coily, spring like, shiny thick fish scaring leaders!
  • Use nail knots for attaching to non looped fly lines
  • Use water knots to attach tippet
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          Roy Nixon
          Straight Line and a Soft Landing

          We all know and have seen our leaders land in a 'clump' with a heck of a 'Splash' spooking any fish in the vicinity. Something we don't want to happen.
          How did I guarantee! a soft landing time after time after time?
          the answer is so very simple 'Buy the proper product of course, Sunray's Straight 'n' Soft Leaders (light grey & clear tip) from the online store another first class product from Sunray that actually works! You might buy yours from a tackle dealer or make your own! But be assured you can only get this modern leader which makes catching more fish, less drop offs and is much kinder to the fish, guaranteeing your sport for another catch and release day. There is only 'one' right way when it comes to fly fishing! That way is the 'Sunray' price is very favourable too! try it yourself. If you want truly straight and soft landings that does not spook fish take a look at the details on the net

          Tim Kirk
          Straight leaders

          I bought one of these when I bought my comp 2020 floating line and attached it immediately it's been installed since a great leader for the price, even better on sale for £3 so I bought a load.
          Another great sunray product

          Brilliant leader

          I love these leaders. High strength, low diameter line. Perfect presentation in a straight line with no curling or spool memory and high knot strength. Brilliant

          Andrew Goulborn
          Great leaders

          Bought a couple of SnS leaders. Arrived v quickly. Look v high quality. Will test them v soon.

          Excellent Leaders

          I'm not sure why I was so impressed with my recent leader order, they did everything advertised on the package, beautifully supply, virtually no memory, cast like a dream and I caught a bag of trout. Thank you Sunray.