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Pretty Good But Don't Believe The Video

Second review of this product to say that overall they are pretty decent, good/consistent turnover of fly so good presentation and IO would recommend them. However the "straight & soft" claim that is the USP of these, don't believe the video 100% which gives the impression that these are virtually straight as soon as they come out of the packet (photo attached)... that is not true in my experience. The look like every other tapered leader when you unpack and unravel them i.e. all coiled up. The difference is they straighten quicker than other leaders and usually within 20 mins/15 casts they're pretty straight

Stephen, appreciate the honest review. Can we respond? OK, the video doesn't say they are dead straight out the packet, it shows how much less coiled they are. Your picture shows that. A competitors comparable leader would be much more coiled. Then, we recommend you twang it like a guitar string once before use, bang, dead straight, go fishing. That's how you straighten a leader but it doesn't work with other leaders. Straighten ours once before fishing and it stays straight.

Michael boyce
Perfection !!

Wow !! By far the best tapered leaders I have ever used !! So easy to lay my fly into some crazy tight spots. Zero coil after the first cast !! If your not fishing the Sunray soft leaders your Blowing-it !!

Hi Michael, thank you for the fantastic review and the photos. It looks like you've clicked the wrong amount of stars though. We're presuming you mean 5 stars.

Roy Nixon
Straight Line and a Soft Landing

We all know and have seen our leaders land in a 'clump' with a heck of a 'Splash' spooking any fish in the vicinity. Something we don't want to happen.
How did I guarantee! a soft landing time after time after time?
the answer is so very simple 'Buy the proper product of course, Sunray's Straight 'n' Soft Leaders (light grey & clear tip) from the online store another first class product from Sunray that actually works! You might buy yours from a tackle dealer or make your own! But be assured you can only get this modern leader which makes catching more fish, less drop offs and is much kinder to the fish, guaranteeing your sport for another catch and release day. There is only 'one' right way when it comes to fly fishing! That way is the 'Sunray' price is very favourable too! try it yourself. If you want truly straight and soft landings that does not spook fish take a look at the details on the net www.sunrayflyfish.com

Tim Kirk
Straight leaders

I bought one of these when I bought my comp 2020 floating line and attached it immediately it's been installed since a great leader for the price, even better on sale for £3 so I bought a load.
Another great sunray product

Jonathan Pengelly

Straight 'n' Soft Tapered Leaders x 3