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EZ Back Cast Floating Fly Line with Overhang Marker®️

Improves the performance of any rod and any caster. Simply load the Overhang Marker® to your hand and let go. Dead straight 70' casts with trees / bushes behind you, no problem.

 Welded loops for quick connections
 High floating for Lake, River & Coast
 Lands dead straight, on any rod

Rub a touch of LINESLIK® onto the EZ Back Cast to improve loop shape, line speed and floatation. 

Now Select your Line Weight

Precision and accuracy are key

Whether it's Caddis hatches on the Arkansas River, Coastal Sea Trout in Scandinavia or Big Browns at Dever Springs the back cast is key to a precise and accurate cast.

Room for a Good Back Cast?

One common challenge that anglers face is limited back casting space such as tight streams or overgrown trees on lakes. In these situations, it is crucial to have a fly line designed to overcome those challenges. Your casting technique may involve using a shorter stroke or utilizing roll casts to effectively present your fly. The EZ Back Cast takes care of this with it's quick loading taper.

Another important factor in achieving a successful back cast is proper rod loading,  the amount of energy stored in the rod during the back cast, which is released during the forward cast. By loading the rod correctly, you can generate more power and achieve greater distance and accuracy in your casts. 

The EZ Back Cast has an advanced taper design to transfer the power of the back cast into a long, straight, delicate forward cast that simply slices through wind.

Does it Really Make me a Better Caster?

The Overhang Marker® can greatly improve your casting technique by determining the correct amount of overhang, which is the length of the running line beyond the rod tip during the casting stroke. By using this tool, anglers can easily identify the loading point, which is the point at which the rod is loaded with energy and ready to deliver the fly.

Accuracy & Control

One of the main advantages of using the Overhang Marker® is that it provides a visual reference for anglers. The loading point is marked with a yellow section on the fly line, making it easy to identify and adjust accordingly resulting in more accurate and controlled casts.

Straight, Long Casts

Another benefit of the Overhang Marker® is its ability to prevent too many false casts. False casts are additional casts made in the air without actually delivering the fly to the target. While false casts can be useful for adjusting distance and line control, excessive false casts can spook fish and decrease the chances of a successful cast. By using the Overhang Marker®, anglers can minimize false casts and make straighter, longer casts in any wind.

Practice and experience are key in mastering the art of fly fishing, and the Overhang Marker® can be a valuable tool in that journey. 

Welcome to our Fly Fishing Casting Techniques page, where we provide expert advice and tips to help you overcome common casting obstructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I cast effectively when there are obstructions like trees?

Casting around trees can be challenging, but with the right techniques and the right fly line with a Spey taper like the EZ Back Cast you can still make accurate casts. Consider using the Spey Casts technique, which involves making a roll cast or a Spey cast to avoid obstacles and deliver your fly accurately. Watch this video explaining what a Spey taper is and how to make a roll cast.

2. What is the Steeple Cast, and when should I use it?

The Steeple Cast is a casting technique that allows you to cast your fly high in the air, creating a steep trajectory. This technique is useful when you need to cast over tall obstacles or when you want to cover a long distance with your cast. By using the Steeple Cast, you can effectively reach areas that would otherwise be difficult to access. Watch this video on how to make a Steeple cast.

3. What should I focus on during my back cast?

When executing your back cast, it's essential to look at your back cast to ensure proper line control and accuracy. By observing your back cast, you can identify any issues or tangles before making your forward cast. This attention to detail will help you make smoother and more precise casts.

4. Should I use an open stance when casting?

Yes, using an open stance can greatly improve your casting technique. An open stance allows for better body rotation and weight transfer, resulting in more power and control during your cast. By positioning your feet slightly apart and facing your target, you can optimize your casting performance. We made a video on the subject. 

5. What is the Overhang Marker® and how can it benefit my casting?

The Overhang Marker® is a visual reference point on your fly line that helps you determine the optimal amount of overhang for your cast. By adjusting the amount of overhang, you can customize your cast to achieve tighter loops and improve accuracy. The Overhang Marker® is a valuable tool for anglers looking to fine-tune their casting technique. This video explains this crucial point.

6. Which fly line is best for limited back casting spaces?

It is crucial to have a fly line designed to overcome those challenges. Your casting technique may involve using a shorter stroke or utilizing roll casts to effectively present your fly. The EZ Back Cast takes care of this with it's triangle taper. A tried and tested head shape that makes roll casting effortless when needed. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 269 reviews
C.C. (Paignton, GB)
nothing but praise for your fly fishing lines

As I've been a customer now for a few month's and have nothing but praise for your fly fishing lines,leaders,line slick and two pair of your sunglasses, firstly your low light sunglasses are brilliant for overcast days and late evening spinner hatches on penstock lagoon, your fly lines are second to none, but thats just my personal preference and experience over using your fly lines,s in particular the easy back cast and the over hang markers make it all to easy to cast 30m plus with accuracy and with less back casting the better, the less fish you spook the more fish you catch.
Just some more photos of trout caught using your gear
Kind regards, Craig, Australia.

M.M. (Harrow, GB)
Great line for beginners.

I've only been fly fishing for about two years and always struggled with casting. This line popped up on my Facebook page and after watching a few videos I bought one. It was expensive for me as a beginner but I was able to spread it out over four payments which was great. As for the line, it was a game changer for me. Even in windy conditions I was able to get the line out a good distance. I would recommend this line to beginners and seasoned vets alike. I am about to purchase the bung floating line next and the magnified sunglasses next. Quality hear and highly recommended.

What a great review Michael, it really means a lot to hear that Sunray lines are making such a difference and putting the enjoyment back into the sport. You've found a way to make the art of fly fishing a lot easier. Thanks from all at Sunray HQ.

M.M. (Belfast, GB)

I've never wrote a review before but here goes. I got out today for the first time with this line and it is amazing for casting distance. I've only been fly fishing for about 2 years and always have trouble casting. This line does exactly as it says on the tin. You can literally throw the entire line out in one cast. My rod and reel cost less than this line but I swear it's my most expensive purchase I've made fly fishing. It is worth every penny. When I bought the line it let me pay in installments, its like £17 every fortnight. Once I pay this one off I'm gonna order another.

Delighted to hear the EZ Back Cast has made such a difference to you. Thanks for taking the time to leave us this lovely review, from all at Sunray HQ. Email us next time you order and I'll add you a CamoTrucker cap to your order.

Patrick Taylor (Warrington, GB)
More than I expected - a fantastic addition to my fly fishing kit!

I fish the Welsh Dee for Sea trout. I typically use a 10 ft 8 or 7 wt rod - and due to the nature of the river - I need the option of both spey casting and overhead casting. I've tried regular Weight Forwards (Airflo, Snowbee) and Single handed Spey (Maxcatch) - but have been looking out for a line with a good short head that can enable casting with very limited back cast or space for a d-loop. I'm very impressed with the EZ Back Cast - especially when it comes to overhead casting - it just shoots out and although I wasn't convinced about the overhang marker from the advertising, it does make life a lot easier. I had the line down the Dee today and it gave me great coverage - much better than other lines - and I managed a couple of sea trout to christen the line. I was worried it might be very splashy with the short head - but as suggested, the presentation is nice and clean. It even handled a 5ft salmon fast sink poly leader and a 3 inch sunray no bother - turnover was no problem! What a great start. I'd also like to thank Sunray's Customer service, who were very kind to sort me out the line when there was an issue with stock availability -so thank you. All the best, Patrick.

Fantastic review and photo Patrick. Your comments are very helpful to our customers when selecting a line, and very much appreciated by all at Sunray HQ.

Alastair Giles (Kilmarnock, GB)
Good “But”

Have used this line on my last two outings and do get a bit further yardage, however, will need to practice with it more and change my stance as recommended in the video,to side on so that I can see the overhang marker loading into the rod rings. Did not like casting with 2 or three droppers as the line seemed to be unbalanced. Snagged behind me as it has quite a long head by the time I get the marker into the rings. Retraining my self but will perceiver and continue to use. Line length is about 12 yards longer than my previous floating line. Overall I think it will eventually become a very useful line. My first fish on this line.

D.A. (Vilnius, LT)

Really good line 👍

Marco Cecala (Yarnell, US)
Perfect line for small and mid-size streams

I live in Arizona and fish creeks and rivers in the West. This line allows me to use the advantages of the overhang marker and finer running line. With the standard line I would seldom get to the overhang marker. Great product!

I build custom fly rods and only recommend Sunray lines. When I demo a new rod for a customer I use Sunray lines, they buy after trying.

That's great to hear Marco. Love the added photo too. Thank you, from Team Sunray.