Short Head with Overhang Marker®️

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Short Head #4

12.5g at 31'



Short Head #5

15g at 34'



Short Head #6

18g at 34'



Short Head #7

20g at 39'



Short Head #8

23g at 39'



Short Head #9

26g at 39'




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Limited back casting space? The Short Head is the line for you. 

Just load the Overhang Marker to the tip of the rod and let go. One false cast and the whole line is gone!

Perfect for every situation where back casting space is an issue. A short head length floating fly line with a red overhang marker.  It's our quickest loading line in #4 through #9.....surprisingly quick. 

Think stillwaters with limited back casting space, kayak / boat fishers, coastal rock fishing, river fishing with heavy overgrowth or single hand spey casts...

    Customer Reviews

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    Mårten Skagert, Sweden
    First practice with my new line

    As we are mid winter here in Sweden, there is ice on the closest water. So last friday I couldn't stand it any more. I need to cast!
    I've tried a lot in my garden and close areas, but there is no room for any distance at all.
    Brought my 4# rod loaded whit my investment from black week. A "short head line" from Sunray. Because of the circumstanses of a minor lockdown, I went to a sporting hall nearby. From time to time I work in the same building and even though we've Corona restictions I have axcess to the hall.

    I was there for an hour, standing in the absolute middle of tha hall. And with ease I could reach the handboll goals in both ends. The line just worked perfectly, smoothly but with distinction, loading the rod. And then shoting like a projectile. I tried my best to put my technique the way Tom showed in the recent lookdown videos.
    I felt like It worked pretty well. I was so pleased and a bit proud when I went home.

    PS: I shot a video during my exercise. When I whatch it, as I came home, my pride decreased a bit. But to watch was a good lesson to. There is room for improvement!

    Chris Ferguson
    Superb line

    Bought as a gift for my son. Paired with a 10’ Sage RPL it is superb, so good that I bought one for myself a few days later.

    Shorthead #5

    Just put the line to the water. And out she goes! Shooting straight, lands straight, even when there’s no space behind. I love it!!

    Mark Collier (aka backshed boards)
    Awesome pike line

    I won a short head fly line 9# in one of Tom's Facebook competitions.
    What an awesome fly line!!!!
    I fish for pike on the river Hull near Driffield, its probably about 45' at its widest at hempholme lock, with any other line I've used in the past i would only make it q little over halfway across, but with this line I'm hitting the other bank, it also floats really well keeping my fly in the zone i like to fish.
    Well done Tom, keep up the good work.


    Kasper Wittrup
    Like a rocket, on a leash

    Extremely fast loading fly line. Used on a Sage One #6 with a #6 line... 2 false casts is all it takes to shoot the entire line effortless out. Even at "full range" the line has enough energy to flip over the leader and stretch the tippet, presenting the fly nice and quiet on the water.
    The only downside to the line I received is that it was measured to 25,2 meter and not the 27,4 meters as listed. This line (and rod) combination holds so much energy that I can shoot out an extra 3 meters of backing - I would rather have liked that to be "more running line" of the line - a luxury issue. A perfect line for "medium distance costal fly fishing" or stream fly fishing. Now, make one like this that it 35 meters long in total, ill be the first to buy! :)