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Lineslik Fly Line Treatment

✓ Increase distance & reduce friction
✓ Increase lifespan of your fly line
✓ 50g recyclable tins
✓ Quieter lift offs & more delicate presentation
✓ Non silicone based protects rods varnish

Increase distance. Increase buoyancy. Increase accuracy.

Why use Lineslik?

It reduces friction, creating tighter loops, getting more distance and putting a barrier between the water and line. This means quieter, easier pick ups and higher floating lines. Some silicone treatments are too thick, or too thin, some attack the varnish on rod blanks. Sunray LINESLIK doesn’t.

It's a great floatant for dry flies too. Simply dab onto the hackle, then add your powder. You won't need to reapply your powder all day.  A 100% non silicone, high quality, cosmetic grade line treatment that soaks into the multifilaments of silk fly lines and protects/slicks PVC and PU fly lines.

Being cosmetic grade, it's not only safe to use on your lines, we've also found it to be effective it as a lip balm and hand protector! You may laugh but when you’re in 60kph winds and / or blazing sun, you’ll be grateful for it. We have been, many times. It's good stuff. Get some 'Slik on it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Linda Jones (Mansfield, GB)

Lineslik Fly Line Treatment

David Adams (Kirkcaldy, GB)

Good stuff, good smooth lift from water surface and nice and smooth through rod eyes, will use every trip out, thanks

Bert Quaye
Not used yet

Seems a very neat line. Tied both ends to aid life . Am looking forward to use.

Brian Insole (Ipswich, GB)
Quality product

Does what it says on the tin . Quality and a great line speed addition

Bill Kirkland (Vernon, CA)

Very pleased with the product, performed as advertised which was great.
Happy to recommend.

Mike McCormick (Moncton, CA)
Great Leaders

this is really good product.. I used it recently on a trip tp Clearwater Brook fishing for
Atlantic Salmon.. My line floated nice and High + I found that my distance improved
alot. Also, it seemed the Hook set process was more efficient. I Hooked/Landed/released 6 Salmon.. Highly recommended..

Alex K. (Perth, AU)
Smooth as slik

I’ve used allot of fly line treatments and I must say that lineslik is the best so far. Does everything it promises, easy to apply and my line does look like it’s sitting on top of the water. Most other treatments seem to leave a sticky coating with frequent application, but I haven’t had that happen yet. Great product.

Thanks Alex. Great to hear!