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Slow Sinking Intermediate Fly Line with Overhang Marker®️

✓ Slow sink sinks in a level plane. Fly in zone for longer
✓ Red Overhang Marker™️ 10 out of 10 casts
Exceptional stillwater / coastal searching line
✓ Great for small, medium & larger size flies / lures
✓ Great for washing line & booby lures etc.


    Looking for the ultimate 'searching' line?  You've found it. If you're new to a fishery, then this is the line for you. 

    It's a slow sinking line which sinks deeper than a regular slow intermediate, and the speed can be controlled, unlike a fast intermediate. You control the depth. A fast retrieve to keep the flies up, a slower retrieve to allow them to sink. 

     Huge distance cold saltwater line for Scandinavian Sea Trout. Night time sea trout line & Norwegian fjord long distance work. You'll get huge distance from this line. Just load the Overhang Marker to the tip of the rod and let it fly. And did someone mention wind? Forget about it....it's like it doesn't exist using our SSI.



    Head Length

    Total Length

    Slow Sinking Intermediate SSI #5

    17g at 36'



    Slow Sinking Intermediate SSI #6

    19g at 36'



    Slow Sinking Intermediate SSI #7

    21g at 38'



    Slow Sinking Intermediate SSI #8

    23.5g at 38'



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 93 reviews
    Michael Denton (Leeds, GB)

    Great line, 1st outing , must master the over line marker, but it gained the distance required. very pleased with its capabilities.

    Judge.me YouTube video placeholder

    Great video Michael, you were casting a nice line with the floater as well as the SSI from Sunray. Nice casting! Great video.

    Martin Anstey (Bristol, GB)
    Intermediate 8line

    Outcast leading fly lines

    James Burrows (Guildford, GB)

    Game changer

    Lloyd John (Perth, GB)
    Floating line

    Have bought slow sinking line and What a amazing line to cast and it says what it does to perfection. Have a floating line aswell and just the same as above. Did think at first this line would be no good for the price they wanted. But gave it a go. I use Rio lines and believe me , sunray line you guys have mastered it and I won't go back to any other fly line. This review is no BS. You will not be disappointed or I will give u ur money back that's how confident I am that u will be. If u don't agree stop fly fishing. Well done SR.

    David Pugh (Sunderland, GB)
    Slow Intermediate

    Hi, used the line once so far. Casts really well and had a nice 3lb rainbow with it. On the retrieve the feel of the line seems quite stiff and not as supple as other brands, not that is an issue really. Overhang marker concept is great.

    Paul Lawton (Cork, IE)

    I saw the Sunray line on face book, it came up a lot so my thoughts got the better of me so I bought a slow intermediate & fast intermediate. To my surprise the delivery was fast 5 days.
    The feel and the look of the lines how thin they are I had doubts.
    As the saying goes never judge a book by the cover. It takes a few casts to get used to them, for me I won't be changing from Sunray lines I found them excellent, it throws with little effort and my catch rate improve,
    Well done Sunray and thanking you.

    Patrick Farrelly (Tuam, IE)
    Dream line

    Didn’t try it on water yet but I tried it on the lawn and it’s a dream to cast would recommend it big time