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Mike Mulligan
Gift for wife

My Mrs is fairly new to fly fishing and had convinced herself that she needed a big chunky line to get out to the fish, not so. I got her to “just give it a try”and it works a treat and because it’s easier to cast she doesn’t get tiered so easily, she’s now converted to her new line 100% now I get told off for not telling her sooner lol. I can recommend this line for any beginner the improvements are amazing if you are already skilled you will be pleasantly surprised just how better you can be with very little effort.

Rhodri Williams
Intermediate line

Best line i have ever used great to cast with and had my first 2 fish on it in Swansea south wales

Fantastic Distance Line

Added this line to my arsenal for beach fishing for salmon on Vancouver Island Canada. It is great for punching distance. I am now carrying this for when I really need to reach out. The bottom "line" would be that it is a fantastic distance line which I now carry to complement my cortland blue. Here is a Chum salmon I recently caught on a shallow mud flat with a ~100ft cast, plus leader.
The only caveat I have for those thinking about buying this line is that it does not like to be picked up beyond a few feet past the head, making it a little clunky at a middle distance where you have strip to the head before making a pick up.

Tangle free and effortless

Early impression for a #7 weight for sea trout fishing in Norwegian fjords / coast. Used with a Sunray Volition rod. Average+ caster:

You only cast as far as the first knot on your running line (cough Outbound). That is where the true beauty of this line is. Super slick, soft and subtle. Does not tangle! (Thank you lord!)

Just feels more mature and refined than its plasticy counterparts from other brands.

Totally effortless casting of 20-ish meters, which is enough for most of my fishing situations. I haven’t figured out how to gain more length as it is really sensitive to overhang. Line speed did not do the trick for me either. Need to fish it more.

I first thought overhang marker was a gimmicky thing for new casters, but it really gave me more consistent casting and let me analyse my input on a new level. Tiny detail that blew me away.

The front end welded loop is quite chunky, which is a minus.

Overall early impression: Wow, what a line! But no line will make you cast the entire length automagically.

I would wish for a slightly faster sink rate for my use.


Bought the line for a 6 weight rod to fish my local reservoir, the water temps have dropped and the fish are deep. This line helped me select different depths, slow and methodically until I found the fish. My casting game is pretty pants but even I could get the line out almost to the backing. I would highly recommend this line. Wish you did it in pike weights though.