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Sunray Mullet Floating Line Product Info

A Micro Thin long head length floating line for Saltwater Mullet fishing

Blue Overhang Marker

A long head taper whose characteristic is being very stable in the air and thinner. It’s a thin fly line that you easily carry 58’ above you in a false cast before laying down on the nose of feeding fish. The front taper is extremely thin and has the footprint of a #2 or #3. The lemon head colour means you can see takes register movement on the line. It has a dark blue Overhang Marker which tells you the maximum loading point to prevent you collapsing the cast on the final forward delivery. The loop shape is incredibly stable, an extension of your arm. Tiny double welded loops and a UK made coating protects the thin line in saltwater and sandy conditions.

A more subdued lemon ultra slick UK made coating with a permanent durable polymer locked into the coating. Ultra durable welded loops with a new welded loop system that ensures durability.

A blue Overhang Marker prevents the caster making too many false casts and shows when the correct time to release the line is. 10 out 10 perfect casts every time.