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Aout Us

Tom Bell  Founder

Whilst preparing to take his fly fishing masters AAPGAI casting instructor test in 2012, Tom set about cutting and welding a home made 64' 52g spey fly line. It has 16 welds and is made up of 7 separate fly lines, in 4 different colours. Keen to understand how energy was travelling through the complicated taper, Tom commissioned a piece of software that displays taper data in graph format.

That software is still used to design tapers and send to the factory. Tom's obsession with taper and materials progressed until, in 2014, he invented the Micro Thin Fly Line. Considered the most important development in fly line manufacturing since the 1960's, Sunray license the technology to other brands.

The combination of 4 decades fly fishing, a casting technician, a degree in the arts and a UK business owner for 2 decades has given Tom a potent mix of design, creative & business skills which underpin Sunray daily.


Jeremy Lucas  Design

England Team Manager

Driven by two fundamentals; conservation of wild habitat and the key of presentation. Jeremy Lucas is known for his simplicity and minimalism which he refers to as the 'ultimate refinement'. Cambridge science graduate, author of Presentation Fly-Fishing, Tactical Fly Fishing & long standing England team member, Jeremy’s name is synonymous with light line fly fishing. Uncomfortable with listing competitive achievements, the list is as broad as it is long.

First ever winner of the European Open Championship 1987
Team gold, silver and bronze medals in World and European Championships
Individual bronze (World Championships 1993)
Winner of River and Lake Home internationals 1994 & 2004
Australian National Team Coach
Present England Team Manager


    Stuart Crofts  Design

    Stuart Crofts is considered one of the UK's finest ambassadors for fly fishing. A pioneering entomologist discovering new species. Stuart is a tutor with UK based organisations Riverfly Partnership and the Freshwater Biological Association.

    Along with Jeremy Lucas, he was a competitor for England during a period of focused creativity. A period which produced many fly fishing masters. Competing in Six World Fly Fishing Championships Stuart gained the admiration of the competitive scene for his obsessive and eccentric attention to detail. Stuart not only dissects the organs of the insects he is studying, he makes the tools to do it!

    Stuart's riverside and classroom demonstrations are famous. The childlike, excited energy and intense, broad knowledge that Stuart brings to entomology and fly fishing is treasured in the UK.

    A genuine asset to our country.


    David Southall  Testing & Articles

    A retired Biology & Science teacher, David is a scientist, entomologist, conservationist, innovator and author. His articles in UK magazines draw on his fly fishing entomology and fishing a variety of ultra light line styles around the world.

    David’s fly patterns are the product of his daily observations and fishing. A protagonist of Tenkara & the Italian Style of Casting, David chooses the approach that is needed for individual fisheries, sometimes individual fish. David's articles in UK print publications and on our own blog are widely read.

    They reveal his approach in the UK, USA, Canada, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Slovenia & New Zealand.



    Match the line weight to the rod rating. For instance, if you have a 7 weight rod get a 7 weight line.

    If the rod has 2 numbers on it (6/7 for instance) then match it with the heavier number, 7 in this case. If it's rated 7/8, get an 8 weight line and so on.

    Here is a video showing how to use the Overhang Marker®️


    You can find all lines with overhang markers here;


    The number 1 fault we see when teaching is when people slip line into their false casts, lengthening line each time until they have too much line in the air to handle. They think that by increasing the amount of line in the air before you make the final cast, you will get further. This is rarely the case.

    The real solution is to have the optimal amount of overhang before you make the final cast.

    To start, try using the overhang marker just out of the rod tip, if the cast doesn't work, bring some line in and bring the overhang marker to your hand. Keep trying different positions of the overhang marker until the cast works.

    We made a 1 hour livestream on the topic here


    If you need more instruction we recommend joining Masterclass here


    The best floating line for beginners we make is the competition float line because it has an all round head length suitable for small lakes, big lakes and rivers.


    If you have only a little back casting space then you are better with the Short Head because it loads the rod quicker and shoots further.


    Both lines feature the overhang marker which is a visual aid that helps beginners and experts alike to make consistently good casts. You can see the overhang marker in action here;


    If you feel you don't need a visual casting aid then get the lower cost Proline here:


    The most used sinking lines are intermediates, however we make sinking lines all the way down to fast sink and you can find those here;


    That depends on your situation so we made a video to explain the basics here


    Before every fishing session apply Lineslik to the entire length of floating lines. Apply only to the running line on sinking lines.

    At the end of the season wipe the line with a damp cloth on the entire length then apply Lineslik


    You can find all the specifications on our lines here (the proline is the same taper and weight as the Competition 2020)


    To understand fly line weight and taper design more, please read this blog