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Git Down Inter / 2 ips / 3 ips Sinking Fly Line with Overhang Marker®️

✓ Medium sink in a level plane. Fly in zone for longer
✓ Red Overhang Marker™️ 10 out of 10 casts
✓ Exceptional stillwater / coastal searching line
✓ Great for small, medium & larger size flies / lures
✓ Great for washing line & booby lures etc.


    If the fish are looking up, you'll get 'em with this line!

    Our quickest loading sinking line with an Overhang Marker to prevent you over extending your false casts. Triple density to get flies down quick and sink in a level plane. Keeping flies in the zone for longer. Fish the top 4ft with this line, explore every inch where the fish are feeding. The low diameter front taper means that, although this is a sink tip line, it doesn't land like a brick.

    The short head means it loads quickly and blast flies amazing distances with one haul. Use it for stillwaters with limited back casting space, kayak/boat fishers, coastal rock fishing, river fishing with limited space or single hand spey casts. If you're a competition angler, don't go on the water without it.



    Head Length

    Total Length

    Git Down Inter / 3ips #5

    17g at 36'



    Git Down Inter / 3ips #6

    19g at 36'



    Git Down Inter / 3ips #7

    21g at 38'



    Git Down Inter / 3ips #8

    23.5g at 38'



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Paul Barnicoat (Teignmouth, GB)
    Best fly line I've ever bought

    The fly line is so good it's unbelievable 7 wt git down inter/2ips/3ips sink with overhang marker so smooth 2 cast

    Tim Kirk (Milton Keynes, GB)
    Git in down 2/3ips great line

    Firstly out of the packaging the line is lovely and subtle in colour feels silky smooth , in practice well the sink rate is spot on front sinks faster than the back end keeping you at the depth you want , rather than dragging the bottom , but if you want to fish hard on the bottom , as I did last day of the year with a booby whilst chatting to another angler the bite transmission from the take was spot on , felt the fly get pulled struck and played a lovely rainbow to the bank , the line does exactly what I want really happy with all the Sunray lines I now own , the over hang marker also for me acts as a retrieve pause point so you hang your flies and different points on the line with this visual marker not whats its for but hey why not us it .
    Definitely worth investing in these lines are great .
    The line in the photo is the comp floater 2020 as I was still fishing only used for scale .

    Christopher Rippon

    Git Down Inter / 2 ips / 3 ips Sinking Fly Line with Overhang Marker®️

    martin ferguson (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)
    New fly line

    Was easy to Order and delivered quick got for Xmas present hope will be great

    Paul Jones (Harlech, GB)
    Great casting line

    My 5wt line matches my 7wt rod better. Casts and fishes brilliantly in the 4 to 5ft depth zone . Absolutely flies out and sinks tip first so contact with the fly is maintained, even when retrieve is paused.

    Dale clarke (Greenford, GB)

    This line is absolutely brilliant for casting and sinking I would recommend to anyone and if your a beginner your casting will improve with sunray lines.

    Rene Rasmussen (Haugesund, NO)
    Git down inter 2/3 isp sink