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Proline Max Float with Overhang Marker™

✓ Ultra Durable / Slick Coating Made in England 🇬🇧
✓ Pink Overhang Marker™️ 100% Perfect Casts
✓ Light Grey Head for Subtle Presentation
✓ Taper Specifically Designed for Landing Delicately
✓ Micro Thin Running Line for Huge Distance
✓ 2 Ultra Strong Welded Loops

A Micro Thin medium head length floating line for freshwater rivers and lakes, bank and boat. 

New 🇬🇧 UK Coating Proline Max with Overhang Marker
A slightly longer more stable head length than the original best selling Proline. Lands extremely delicately with minimal disturbance on lift offs.

Shoots like a shooting head but is incredibly stable in the air, very balanced and lands dead straight with feather like touchdown. Micro Thin running line give lightning fast hook sets and take detection.

✅ Spook less
✅ Hook more
✅ Land more

A more subdued stone / grey ultra slick UK made coating with a permanent durable polymer locked into the coating. Ultra durable welded loops with a new welded loop system that ensures durability.

A purple Overhang Marker prevents the caster making too many false casts and shows when the correct time to release the line is. 10 out 10 perfect casts every time.


Head Length


Total Length

#1 Proline Max 37'4"

6.5g at 37'4"


#2 Proline Max Mid Head 37'4"

8.5g at 37'4"


#3 Proline Max Mid Head 37'4"

11.5g at 37'4"


#4 Proline Max Mid Head 37'4"

13.5g at 37'4"


#5 Proline Max Mid Head 40'

15g at 40’


#6 Proline Max Mid Head 40'

17g at 40’


#7 Proline Max Mid Head 42'3"

19g at 42'3"


#8 Proline Max Mid Head 42'3"

21 at 42'3"


#9 Proline Max Mid Head 42'3"

23g at 42'3"



Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
R.S. (Newton Abbot, GB)
Proline Max Float

Love the new Proline Max. Perfect casting and presentation.

Thanks for the great review Ryan and the photos too. It's so helpful for our customers to see genuine customer reviews. Tight lines! Team Sunray.

D.S. (Launceston, GB)
Despite a very brisk easterly wind it performed impeccably

I've been very impressed with the performance of the new 1 weight Proline Max. Yesterday, despite a very brisk easterly wind it performed impeccably even though I was using my 4 weight 10' Microlite GT rod on an open Mulberry Whin fishery. Very slick, hard surface but still very flexible & no memory so I didn't need to stretch it & it floated well. I'm not too keen on loops at the tip of lines but the loops were small & slim so they passed through the tip ring with little difficulty.

Andreas Dennerman (Stockholm, SE)
Proline max

Casts very good and can handle small and big Flyes really good. Just hope it will be durable for a long time 👍

marc sultan (Rosny-sous-Bois, FR)


Ole-Mathis Stensrud (Oslo, NO)

Proline Max Float with Overhang Marker™

Arthur Strauss (Irvine, US)
Another great line

Both the #2 & 4 lines cast easily with little or no splash. The purple overhang marker is there if you need longer casts.

J.M. (Ely, GB)
Superb casting lightweight line

Used for the first time last week, using it for dry flies on a small stillwater. Casts brilliantly and lands well. Compliments my bad technique lol. However I was able to cast to rising fish and catch, so am very happy. The only problem I have is that when I strip line and it lands in a bundle at my feet I can get tangles as it is so thin. That is probably due to reeds, freshwater mussels etc as the lake I fish is so low at the moment so there is a lot of debris on the bank to get caught up in. That could be sorted by taking a bit more care on my part and would happen with any line really. Overall very happy and looking forward to the next offering from Sunray.