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Git Down 3ips / 5ips Fast Sink Fly Line with Overhang Marker®️

✓ Fast sink in a level plane. Fly in zone for longer
✓ Green Overhang Marker™️ 10 out of 10 casts
✓ Exceptional stillwater / coastal searching line
✓ Great for small, medium & larger size flies / lures
✓ Great for washing line & booby lures etc.


Search more. Hook more. Convert more.

Don't cut corners. Fish every inch of the lake with this triple density sinking line, that sinks in a level plane. Forget those lines that fish in an arc. Simply put, it keeps flies in the zone for longer.

It's a fast sinking line, to get flies down. With a short head, and Overhang Marker feature, to load quickly and blast flies amazing distances with one haul. Fish further, deeper for longer...



Head Length

Total Length

Git Down 3 ips / 5 ips #5

17g at 36'



Git Down 3 ips / 5 ips #6

19g at 36'



Git Down 3 ips / 5 ips #7

21g at 38'



Git Down 3 ips / 5 ips #8

23.5g at 38'



Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Richard Hicks (Leeds, GB)

Purchased the get down line the slow skink ,sink tip and pro float line from Sunray. Really helps a beginner learn the basics! Saving up for a Sunray 5 weight rod for the ultimate setup. Purchased Sunray polarised glasses another amazing product! Sunray keep being you!

Derek Whitehouse (Wolverhampton, GB)

Very good

Brian Francis (Colchester, GB)
Sunray sinking line

Excelllent line, as with all Sunray lines cast’s superbly and sinks as intended.

Danny Baldry (Slough, GB)
Simply the best

I purchased this Git down 3 for a friend as I already have one. I have been using Sunray fly lines for about 2 years now, and can honestly say that this is the best fly line I have ever used. It can certainly improve your casting and the increase in distance is quite amazing. It absolutely fly’s through the rings and with the indicator on the line you can see the best time to let your line go to get the perfect cast. Well done Sunray, I will continue to use your excellent products.

R.D. (Lanark, CA)
Not a Line for Cold Weather

Obviously, your lines are designed for the more temperate climates of Europe instead of the frigid lands of Canada. In the Summer and early fall, this line performed as expected. But, as soon as the mercury hits Zero it wants to maintain the loop diameter of your spool on the reel. This then leads to hang-ups in the rings etc. So I switched back to a North American-made line which performed as if it was 20 degrees out there.

Good lines but not wintertime in Canada.

Raymond Ward (Wednesbury, GB)
fly lines

well this is a nice bit of kit fished it on monday 29/3/21 first time and it is as good as they say it is and can not say a bad word about it goes out the rod so well sinks nice and lifts off the water so clean over the moon with it /wont buy no moor lines bar the sunrays its that good /thanks tom bell .

Trevor Gibson (Edinburgh, GB)
Sunray fly fishing lines

I have not used this line yet but it spooled up no problem and if it’s half as good as my other Sunray lines it will be brilliant.