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Proline Max Float with Overhang Marker™

✓ Ultra Durable / Slick Coating Made in England 🇬🇧
✓ Pink Overhang Marker™️ 100% Perfect Casts
✓ Light Grey Head for Subtle Presentation
✓ Taper Specifically Designed for Landing Delicately
✓ Micro Thin Running Line for Huge Distance
✓ 2 Ultra Strong Welded Loops
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A Micro Thin medium head length floating line for freshwater rivers and lakes, bank and boat & saltwater fishing.

New UK Coating Proline Max with Overhang Marker
A slightly longer more stable head length than the original best selling Proline. Lands extremely delicately with minimal disturbance on lift offs.

Shoots like a shooting head but is incredibly stable in the air, very balanced and lands dead straight with feather like touchdown. Micro Thin running line give lightning fast hook sets and take detection.

A more subdued stone / grey ultra slick UK made coating with a permanent durable polymer locked into the coating. Ultra durable welded loops with a new welded loop system that ensures durability.

A purple Overhang Marker prevents the caster making too many false casts and shows when the correct time to release the line is. 10 out 10 perfect casts every time.


Head Length


Total Length

#1 Proline Max 37'4"

6.5g at 37'4"


#2 Proline Max Mid Head 37'4"

8.5g at 37'4"


#3 Proline Max Mid Head 37'4"

11.5g at 37'4"


#4 Proline Max Mid Head 37'4"

13.5g at 37'4"


#5 Proline Max Mid Head 40'

15g at 40’


#6 Proline Max Mid Head 40'

17g at 40’


#7 Proline Max Mid Head 42'3"

19g at 42'3"


#8 Proline Max Mid Head 42'3"

21 at 42'3"


#9 Proline Max Mid Head 42'3"

23g at 42'3"



Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Paul Heron (St. Catharines, CA)
Improved my casting!

I took up fly fishing three years ago at age 75–so I don’t have decades to learn. This line has helped me make longer, more accurate casts w less effort. The overhang marker has flatted the learning curve on my double haul. Will only buy Sunray lines from now on.

That's good to hear Paul. Hopefully you're picking up tips from our Masterclass tutorials on the website too. Thanks from all at Sunray HQ.

T.B. (Launceston, GB)
To say that I am very impressed with this line is an understatement.

New Sunray Proline Max 1 weight medium-head Fly Line Review

The things that first impressed me about this line whilst loading it onto a reel were how slick the surface was & how free of any memory it was. The hardness of the surface did not appear to adversely affect the line’s suppleness & despite Tom’s advice that it needed a gentle stretch before use I found that this was not necessary.
So how did it perform in real life fishing? My first tests were casting on a local small still water using a range of rods from a soft/full action 7’ 6” 1 weight Orvis Superfine to my favourite general purpose river rod, the Sunray Microlite GT 10’ 4 weight. Casting was flawless with all the rods at both short & long range, even the 4 weight. Whilst for most of my river fishing I would very rarely have more than the head outside of the rod tip, the presence of the obvious purple overhang marker ensures that the correct length of line is outside the rod tip when casting longer distances. On my return home I called in to my local chalk stream where I saw a couple of trout on the feed. Despite a brisk easterly wind & the 1 weight line teamed up with the 10’ 4 weight Microlite GT I had no problems casting a size 20 nymph the 40’ to the fish on the far side of the river: result a lovely wild brown trout.
Now I must confess to being less than keen on welded loops & this line has one at each end which makes the attachment of backing & leader simple. I normally use either a knotless, Super Glue join, Needle Knot or Nail Knot join with a leader of between 12’ & 15’, plus 3 to 6’ of tippet: these ensure that the join easily slips through the tip ring, avoiding damage to the rod or the loss of a fish due to the join jamming. However, the small, slim, well designed, loop at the tip of this line caused minimal resistance to slipping through the tip ring when I had attached my 12’ 6x leader with a 5 turn half-blood knot, sealed & smoothed with a drop of flexible UV resin.
Since my first trials with the line I have regularly used it to fish small streams with my 6’ 9” 3 weight bamboo rod, teamed up with a leader of 12’ to 20’ & on my local chalk stream, Driffield Beck, on some windy days, with my 10’ 4 weight Microlite GT rod, teamed up with a leader of 16’ to 20’. So far I have used it on a total of 25 days’ fishing. It performs impeccably at both short & relatively long range, roll casts effortlessly & floats well.
I love the delicate presentation of the Sunray Jeremy Lucas 1 weight line & when fishing small overgrown streams the quick loading of the Stuart Crofts line, but The Proline Max is, in my opinion, an ideal ‘All Purpose line’.
To say that I am very impressed with this line is an understatement.

Now that's a review David! Very informative and helpful for other customers deciding which line to select. Thank you, from Team Sunray!

R.S. (Newton Abbot, GB)
Proline Max Float

Love the new Proline Max. Perfect casting and presentation.

Thanks for the great review Ryan and the photos too. It's so helpful for our customers to see genuine customer reviews. Tight lines! Team Sunray.

C.M. (Launceston, GB)
Despite a very brisk easterly wind it performed impeccably

I've been very impressed with the performance of the new 1 weight Proline Max. Yesterday, despite a very brisk easterly wind it performed impeccably even though I was using my 4 weight 10' Microlite GT rod on an open Mulberry Whin fishery. Very slick, hard surface but still very flexible & no memory so I didn't need to stretch it & it floated well. I'm not too keen on loops at the tip of lines but the loops were small & slim so they passed through the tip ring with little difficulty.

Rein Bijsterveld (Almkerk, NL)
7# line is to light for A 7# Vision Nite Catapult Fly Rod

I had bought the 7# line for sea trout, for a 7# flyrod. But it did not load well, so I put it on a 6# Flyrod and it threw beautifully. I took another 6# Flyrod and it also threw well. The line throws nicely, stretches beautifully and you can throw it out completely with ease, but (it is a class too light) for a 7 you need an 8# line.

Kevin Owen (Bridgend, GB)
Proline max

Bought loads. For someone that finds it hard to get distance on a cast theses are brilliant

Lyndon Webb (Melbourne, AU)

Nice line