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Rawson & Perrin Review

August 24, 2016 2 min read

Every now and then a product comes along that completely changes the way you’ve thought before. The micro thin fly lines from Sunray here in the UK do exactly that.

I’d never really thought that much about diameter, weight and the aesthetics of a fly line that much before, they either suited me (and our rods) or they didn’t. Much of my personal fishing and our split cane fishing rods are aimed at small intimate brooks, streams and rivers where, we think, lies the best in sport and experience. Whilst throwing small nymphs at Grayling throughout winter is great fun, the epitome is without doubt the dry fly season for wild Trout. This is where these micro thin fly lines come into their own.

The lines are 20-30% thinner than an average fly line and yet they are still rated the same. The jump from a regular fly line to one of Sunray’s exceptional lines is similar to that of the jump from mono to braid in the lure fishing world. In fact these lines are so thin they resemble the mono I used to use in my beach casting days on the Bristol Channel.

So what..? What’s so good about that…? How does this improve my fishing…?


Imagine throwing a broom handle horizontally into water. No matter how softly it lands it’s going to make a pretty big splash isn’t it? Now try the same with a bamboo cane from your garden, the splash would be much smaller. Now scaled down to fly line size its the same concept, the line lands softer and more delicately giving you a better chance to hook the fish you’re after.

Greatly reduced wind resistance means casting is more accurate, takes less effort and those far bank casts are easier than ever.

Smaller Reels

From a manufacturing point of view, reels can be made smaller and therefore lighter because of the reduced need for space on the spool. We hope to make some shallow spool reels especially for these lines in the near future.

Silk lines and cane rods are widely recognized as the ultimate small stream fly fishing experience. The trouble with silk is the time and effort you need to put into the line before and after each trip and in the modern world, this time isn’t really available. The Sunray lines are supple and fine just like silk, but with none of the upkeep needed to make it fishable. They can be treated just like a normal line.

The lines are so good for small stream fishing we are now recommending them to everyone that buys a rod or reel from us. For cane and fibreglass there is no better small stream line, specifically the Stuart Crofts Dry Fly line.

If you own, or are planning to buy a rod up to about 7′ for your fishing, get a Sunray micro thin fly line. We get no profits from the sales of their lines.

You can see our range of bespoke cane fly rods here.



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