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What is the overhang marker?

The number 1 fault we see when teaching is when people slip line into their false casts, lengthening line each time until they have too much line in the air to handle. They think that by increasing the amount of line in the air before you make the final cast, you will get further. This is rarely the case. The real solution is to have the optimal amount of overhang before you make the final cast.


Overhang is the amount of thin running line you have out of the rod tip before you release the cast. The thinner running line can't manage to keep the thicker head or belly of the line in the air for long, and extending too much thin overhang makes the cast collapse. Knowing how much thin overhang each line can manage is critical. Professional casters can feel that amount instinctively. Most casters cannot.
The overhang marker is a vividly coloured section of line in between the head and the running line which tells the caster exactly how much overhang each line can manage before you reach the maximum overhang. It's at this moment that, if you release the cast, huge distances are achieved. Knowing when to release the final cast is the number 1 technique you need to make consistently good casts.