Sinking Fly Lines

Choose from the Sunray sinking fly fishing lines on the page below and get to where the fish are with ease. Different lakes, river sizes and of course water temperature will affect where the fish are feeding, so using a sinking fly line is often appropriate. These Fly lines from Sunray will give you all you need for catching fish in deeper water. Fish will search for cooler water in the summer and warmer water in the winter, which affects the depth fish will be found, their ability to feed and subsequently their growth. There are alternatives to using a sinking fly line, such as weighting a floating fly, but the control when retrieving the fly is not as good and the speed to reach deeper water is better with a sinking fly fishing line. Choosing the right sinking fly line sink speed is also a significant  consideration, along with the correct streamers, lures or other fly types. Order today or get in touch with our friendly & knowledgeable staff for any help or advice.