Proline Float

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Proline Float

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Video Specifications How to use
  • Micro thin running line
  • Does not come with welded loops
  • 100' total length
  • 33-45' head length
  • Low memory
  • Lies straight

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 320 reviews
    Jeff Dennis (Cary, US)
    Very pleased

    Love the line. Gained 15yds on my first cast. Immediate improvement in distance. Was concerned about sighting the line due to the color, but haven’t had any issues with that.

    Robert O'Reilly (Dublin, IE)
    great line

    have to say these are outstanding lines , had a session over at my local carp fishery and after already beating my pb for carp on the fly thst day i decided to lighten up my tackle using an 11ft 2-3wt moderate action rod and the 2wt Proline Float fly line with a 5lb 7.5ft leader and a size 14 deer hair dog biscuit fly after a few missed fish i landed this beauty at just under 7lb pound , the casting distance was great giving me the abilty to reach the rising fish and presentation delicate enough to compensate for my occasional dodgy cast or two , all in all great line and as they say the proof is in the pudding

    Robert ROBINSON (Ballymena, GB)
    Great line

    Double my cast distance now. Sunray lines hard to beat.

    Craig "Mas" Masumiya (Littleton, US)
    Proline Float Review

    Sorry for the delay in my response to your request for a review of your fly line. But with it being winter and my work responsibilities, time on the water has been very limited. I was able to get out this past Saturday for opening day at Pike Peak, North Slope Recreation area. I fished North Catamount Resevoir and used your 5 and 6 wt. lines on a couple of Orvis rod & reel set ups. Your lines performed flawlessly! Turning over my double dry fly rigs without any issues. Casting distance from both lines was 20-30% further than I could obtain with my standard fly lines I buy each year. Easy to load quickly, reduced the number of false cats to get large amounts of line out. Even in windy situations, your lines cut right through the cross wind. Thank you, I am impressed and plan to purchase more of your lines for some planned salt water trips to the east coast later this year. I did comment on your lines during my recent YouTube video I posted. I am trying to develop my YouTube following for “Fishing with Mas”. Well, thanks again for your product and I look forward to further reviews of your heavier weighted lines. Respectfully, Craig “Mas” Masumiya. Highlands Ranch, CO. USA.

    Alastair Allan (Steyning, GB)
    Proline #5 Float Line

    Have only used the line for two afternoons. Once on a windless day and once on day where wind direction wouldn't make its mind up: it performed well. I can't wait to use it on a day where the conditions are more friendly.

    scott ferguson (Kilmarnock, GB)
    Proline 7#

    Excellent line loads after 2 false casts
    And roll casts are excellent shoots out superb and lies straight
    No faults or complaints and even being red in colour i have caught loads on it

    Michael Smith (London, GB)
    My wife needs a bigger oven!

    First time trying my new Sunray Proline and managed to bag myself two fish including one thats my pb. I found I cast twice as far using the proline as I had using a normal line. I would highly recommend this product. As you can tell from my face i was pleased as punch!!!

    Martin Camarata (Colorado Springs, US)
    Accuracy distance and delicate presentations

    I have tried many different fly lines but have specific criteria when testing line . I fish medium pocket water on the South Platte river ,presenting small to micro dry flies. One of my favorite challenges and presentations is a 65 to 70 foot cast over three different seems with 3 down stream boulders exposed (7 ft High) 6ft downstream from the cast, using 7x tippet and #22 blue wing dun to 16 to 21 inch slabs. Yeah, it requires accuracy, correction response, hook set response and prevention....added to which line control and strength when playing the fish directly out of the exposed boulders. I am please with this line in all aspects....picture below of yesterdays slab!

    Dean (Whitehaven, GB)
    Exactly what I was looking for

    I was impressed with the video displayed by Tom in the lines ability to roll cast. With the line being a Spey taper I knew this is a line I wanted to use on my single hander to fish a small spate river for salmon.
    The river is tight & can be quite tricky to cast under the trees. With the Spey taper on the line this has enabled me to consistently get a good cast under these trees using different types on Spey casts with the single handed rod. 10/10. Yet to try the line on a still water but I’ve no doubt it will be great. Highly recommend.

    Kirk (London, GB)
    New Pro line

    Had to write a review on this, just recently started fly fishing so casting not great bought a few lines etc but no distance even with a decent cast, watched the video for this and thought looks good and decent money, well all I can say is Superb 😁 line shoots out straight and seems a lot easier to cast tbh Plus I caught my first trout when using it haha plus the guy next to me was using one as well and he loved it 10/10 will definitely be my go to place for lines from now on 👍

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