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A level line on low stretch braid core with exposed core loops for extra smooth transition to fine tippets and indicators. Used by many teams in World fly fishing competitions to give direct contact to subsurface nymphs in calm or fast water. Ultra thin to minimise sag between the rod tip and nymphs, the most sensitive direct contact to your flies you can get. 0.55mm diameter to confirm to FIPS Mouche international competition rules, the ultimate in direct contact fishing.

  • Exposed core micro welded loops
  • Micro thin entire length
  • Level line
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Brian Donley (High Point, US)
    Sunray Fly Lines

    Best fly lines I’ve ever had! Casting is a breeze and distance is outstanding.

    Kevin Elley (Kevinfish0144) (Pontypridd, GB)
    World nymph line

    Great line for euro nymphin highly recommended

    Laurence Elvin (Tauranga, NZ)
    Sunray World Nymph Line

    OMG!!! I've already tried nymph lines from Rio and an "unbranded" version from NZ and this is the benchmark by a long way. It's limp, it casts well and I don't even bother with all the sighter nonsense anymore. I just tie my tippet straight to the end of line. When I need to reach a bit further out, I just cast it out. The most versatile nymph line I've ever used. Thank you Sunray.

    Thierry Lelievre (Saint-Gaudens, FR)
    Great SUNRAY world nymph line

    This world nymph line is the best one I have ever used for european nymphing style.

    Darius Simkus (Dublin, IE)
    World nymph fly line

    Very happy with line and service from sunray 🎣🎣🎣

    gavin watkinson (Leyland, GB)

    A very good nymphing line, zero stretch, dull colour, braided loops IE no tippet cutting through the coating.

    I have been an avid user of the snowbee thistle down 2 line which I think is a very good line for nymphing and dry fly fishing,
    but I think they fu@k#d up with the coating on the welded loops, although with this line you can not cast a dry fly as some people say you can,
    but for Czech or euro nymphing which ever you wana call it I believe it is second to none, I have abused this line every other day like a boss for the best part of a month with no problems, even with
    strong wind's putting a bow in the line I was still able to feel nymphs hitting bottom and the takes of small grayling as with the snowbee line I was not.
    the line's very thin but with a rough sort of texture ( with freezing sausage fingers that's a plus ) while fishing for grayling the first fish I ever caught on the line
    was the brown in the picture Oos but what a beast 20 inch if not a bit more using no indicator and only a foot of tippet from the line to a tippet ring with a dropper on
    and another foot and half to the point fly, which I think is a bit extraordinary as with most lines if they were a couple of feet under the water I have no doubt they would spook most fish,
    the line being sort of a matt grey colour I think it makes it hard for the fish to see when under the water, that being said it also makes it hard to see against the backdrop of water,
    so using an indicator would make life easier but its not a necessity as you can literally feel everything through the line while fishing blind so to speak.

    the snowbee lines off the reel this gets a thumbs up from me, if your a nymphing freak like me try this line you wont be disappointed.

    Olivier masmonteil (Saint-Leu-la-Foret, FR)

    amazing line, love it

    Steve Diamond (Ceredo, US)
    Another winner from Sunray

    I use this line not only for nymphing but it also serves as a pretty good dry fly line, too. I’ve gone 100% with Sunray lines and tippet. They might seem a little pricey but you get what you pay for.

    Don Brown (Rochdale, GB)

    A bit pricey, but first time of use bettered the catch of my companions.

    Maric (Belgrade, RS)
    Nymphing line

    World Championship Nymph is best nymphing line by mine opinion. I used it in competition and my nymphing technique is so much better . Contact with nymph is amaising I can feel every nymph moving.

    That's perfect Maric. Thanks for sharing this review. We have a LOT of competition anglers using this line because they can switch to dries without changing lines mid comp.