The IOBO Humpy

The CdC IOBO Humpy

must be one of the world’s greatest dry flies. It is incredibly simple to tie yet unbelievably effective since in various sizes it imitates/suggests a host of insects (Midges, Aphids, fluttering Stoneflies, Fluttering Caddis Flies, emerging Olives, Olive Duns, Black Gnats & others).

IOBO stands for It Oughta Be Outlawed,

it is that good. It was devised in the mid 1990s by Pennsylvanian Jack Tucker. Dutch flytyer, Hans Weilenmann, has put a video on You Tube that shows Jack’s original method of tying. My method is very different, but the resultant fly is virtually identical. I modified the tying method to make it easier to judge accurately the wing length, also to facilitate the easy forming of 2 slightly splayed wings to ensure that it landed correctly every cast & also to allow thin or fat bodied variants to be tied (I virtually always use thin bodied variants). In recent correspondence with Jack (when he kindly contacted me to thank me for crediting him with the pattern in an article for FF&FT magazine) he very generously said that he preferred my method of tying.




  • 8/0 Tan or yellow Uni thread.


Cdc dry fly by David Southall | Sunray micro thin fly lines.

1. Wind thread from short of the eye to the bend. ( I like to wax the thread first). Then tie in two CdC feathers (natural gray) with 2 loose turns. Pull the CdC feathers towards the eye till the tips are about 11/2 to 2x the shank length. (Match the size of CdC feathers with the hook size).

Cdc dry fly by David Southall | Sunray micro thin fly lines.

2. Tie in CdC with 2 or 3 more tight turns. Then wind the thread to just short of the eye in open turns over the feather butts. Trim off any remaining butts.

Cdc dry fly by David Southall | Sunray micro thin fly lines.

3. Pull the CdC “tail” forwards (over the back) & tie in with 3 to 5 tight turns. Whip finish in front of wing to push it up slightly, as shown. I like to leave a few trailing CdC fibres as a ‘tail/shuck’ (not on the original pattern).

I tie it in sizes 26 to 12 (mainly 24 to 18).

When fishing CdC flies ignore all the erroneous advice that CdC flies are useless for more than one fish after they get slimed up. Follow the sequence below & you should be able to catch loads of fish on the same fly, even on a wet day.

  • Rinse the slimed up/soaked fly thoroughly in the river/lake.
  • Squeeze hard in a piece of absorbent kitchen paper (much cheaper than amadou & when it gets dirty it can be discarded. Old amadou gets impregnated with hydrophilic slime & dirt, which render it useless).
  • Rub vigorously with the kitchen paper & blow to open up the fibres (CdC is very tough!)
  • Apply a tiny drop of Roman Moser Miracle Float (available from Stu Wardle at Durham Flyfishing Company) or slightly less effective a drop of CdC oil or Tiemco Dry Magic onto your forefinger. Spread thinly between thumb & forefinger.
  • Rub into the CdC.


The IOBO Humpy, Shuttlecock, F Fly & Hackleless Elk Hair Caddis

are my four most used dry flies & I would be devastated if I was unable to use them.

Grayling are suckers for a size 20 to 24 IOBO Humpy but in my next Blog I’ll be talking about sight fishing for big grayling with nymphs, shrimps & bugs.


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Their 42-3 win over Iowa State wasn’t impressive enough to hold off the No.It will be up to the Bears?€? coaching staff to determine if they think Barkley can reach that level.
So unless general manager Ross Atkins is on the phone and looking for help in the trade route, the Blue Jays players have to figure out this problem on their own.

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It’s nights like Monday night, though, where the Sox bullpen had a rare game in which they blew the lead despite a Major League-leading 1.If he believes Rambis is the best choice, then he will hire him with confidence.The Yankees made the playoffs as one of two AL Wild Card teams.
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Virginia Eagles: Partial scheduleJune 3 DelawareJune 10June 17 . PhiladelphiaJune 25 BrooklynJuly 8J.At some point in this tournament, the shots just won’t fall like they have been.
erskowitz (now 84), who, in the 1960s and 70s, this reporter grew up reading in the Houston Post, and when that newspaper folded, the Houston Chronicle.

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However, Greg Bird has hit better against left-handed pitching than right-handed in his young career.They are finally healthy and Steve Clifford won’t let this team quit.As the Astros look to begin their repeat in 2018, it might be surprising to learn that the Bayou City has drawn crowds for professional baseball for well over a century.
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Ken Holland really had no choice but to shop Mrazek.Obviously we were blessed to be working with a highly motivated group but we just looked to implemen.
” Crane was one of the select few who contributed to the design of the ring, a process that began almost immediately after the last out of Game 7, November 1.

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“nine things to watch this weekendthe rumour millAll latest Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpoo.”This seasons Chinese Super League is highly-anticipated with a spate of big summer arrivals.
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“With Ryan Giggs out of the picture, Gary Rowett could be in pole position to take over the Swans, following his recent shock departure from Birmingham City.”“Sunderland need to start keeping one or two clean sheets, otherwise they will continue to remain in trouble.”
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Northern Ireland host San Marino in Belfast on October 8 before facing a daunting trip to take on world champions Germany in Hanover three days later.Robbie Keane scored in the first half of Republic Ireland’s friendly with Oman as they win 4-0 in the?strikers?final game for his country.
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imits spacing), you need his positives (intensity, defense, rebounding, passion).A native of聽El Fuerte, Sinaloa,聽a picturesque colonial city in northwest Mexico, Chavez was signed b.As the trade deadline approaches, rumors will always flood social media.
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Now I have been given that lifeline, although it鈥檚 no good just being on the tour and collecting the kit.After a comfortable win and an impressive performance, England will certainly look to utilize their .
Both offenses will have the same strategy: get to the starter.

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Related StoriesDon’t spare the RodHarry Kane blasts ‘dangerous’ Jack Rodwell after hi.“y guarantees about his future, but is keen to play in the Premier League at some point.”
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l this fall and addresses the Tar Heel’s biggest weakness in outside shooting.Coach Hamilton used a deep bench with 10 players averaging at least 10 minutes a game.
290 MLB)Ian Happ gets a lot of credit for his polish at the plate, but color me slightly more skeptical than most.

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5million on the Belgian midfielder on deadline day.“dly played this seasonPA:Press Association5The captain is approaching the end of his careerChelsea haven’t missed their centre-back hero, as David Luiz has stepped up in his absence and is developing into a top-class defender.”
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Martin was at the heart of a defence that coped well enough and withstood a late Brentford assault.“11related storiesThe unexpected guestIn today’s Striker, Nick is welcomed to Florida at gunpoint – but there’s a bigger shock in store.”
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s White Sox End Losing Streak – April 11, 2018White Sox Top Pitching Prospect Michael Kopech Impresses In 2018 Debut With Knights – April 10, 2018After Strong Start, White Sox Bats Continue To Stay Cold – April 10, 2018.Other than the struggling Masahiro Tanaka, the Yankees’ rotation has been outstanding this season.If he can snap it off harder with tighter spin, it could be a league average offering or more someday.
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Worst case, the Irish do have a lot of young guys that are getting valuable experience.ding takeaway machine Panthers can take the ball from the interception prone Broncos.
Some of that though is the fact he has been on terrible offensive teams.

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About Latest Posts Rob WegleyTRS co-owner and resident draft aficionado.The Astros’??bullpen now needs to avoid injuries, and work to be more durable and reliable, rather than simply crowded.There are worse injuries to overcome just one game into an 82-game campaign, but lower leg injuries carry distinct severity in basketball, and his return this season is unlikely.
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The Panthers switched essentially every P&R against the Irish because they were confident any one of their athletic defenders would be fine matched up against anyone.Fuller has a lean frame, more akin to Ted Ginn or DeSean Jackson, which may not stand up to some of the more vicious hits of the NFL.
“I didn’t get any hits, but I hit the ball hard and I executed my plan.

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Located on the ruins of the old Orange Bowl in Little Havana, Marlins Park (minted in 2012) is also geographically handcuffed.Davis, Prospect Joe Perez Into 2-Way Player DebateNRI This SpringMayfield, who patterns his play aft.That is five players of the Pirates’ starting lineup gone.
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Tom Crean does not have the Hoosiers moving in the right direction, and you should be nervous if you’re a Hoosier fan.With a healthy Snider, Louisville can beat anybody, including the talented Duke Blue Devils.
382, Avi’s RBI single that was followed by Geo’s sac fly would give the South Siders a quick 4-0 cushion in the third over Royals starter Danny Duffy.

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With Antonio Valencia and Eric Bailly impressing this season – and Lovren making high-profile gaffes – that is perhaps a surprise.Utd in ‘talks with Neymar’s agent over ??173m move and ??416k-a-week deal’STAT ATTACKChelsea boss Antonio Conte is the best ever Premier League manager.
" have been a huge miss for the derby but will be a red card riskManchester United fans lose it as Rashford grabs last minute goalUnited are close to full strength for the fixture, which sees the teams pit their 100 per cent records against each other at Old Trafford.""movic watches on at the O2 Arena as Kell Brook loses to Gennady Golovkin Manchester United fans lose it as Rashford grabs last minute goalBut then we can speak about Eric Bailly, who was playing for Villarreal, who never played in a derby of this dimension but produced a fantastic performance today."
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In the 32 games the Cavaliers have played since Kyrie Irving returned from a knee injury, James has attempted more than 20 shots in 12 of them, in which the Cavaliers are 8-4.series against the Rockies, Dodgers,??and Cubs within the last couple of weeks, not to mention splitting a series each against the Brewers and Mets.Davidson’s shot to leadoff the eighth being just absolutely annihilated 476 feet over the left.
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The second one turned into the first score for the Tigers.It may take time for the Spartans’ offense to get rolling.
With a deeper well of possible starters, shallower now with Trevor May out for the year, the Twins may have a better shot at a serviceable rotation.

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Gasol sags off of his man which allows the ball handler to get closer to the were good signs from the offense, promising signs from the defense, and a nice surprise from the starting rotation.Last season, the New York Yankees exceeded expectations heading into the MLB Trade Deadline, leading to the “rebuilding” team to instead acquire help.
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Now, they just need youngsters Kevin Johnson and KJ Dillon to join the list.Latest posts by Mariah Holland (see all)Wild Fight To The End, Fall To Jets 3-2 In Game 1 – April 11.
He ranks lower than Deichmann because his power and defense aren’t quite as impressive, but Siddall is a solid hitter and overall player in his own right.

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Keep up-to-date with all the latest transfer news and gossip ahead of the January window with SunSpo.s frustration out on the post-match interviewerBut the unfortunate interviewer got it in the neck despite just doing his job.
“s, results and live match commentary by clicking HEREChelsea 3-0 Leicester : Eden Hazard scores to help defeat the ChampionsGetty Images4Conte was backed to be the next manager sacked before the Leicester matchGetty Images4Antonio Conte has got the full backing of the clubFurther to this, Chelsea have come out and said the rumours are absolute nonsense and Antonio Conte was allowed to prepare his side as normal ?C if not better ?Cfor their 3-0 demolition of Leicester City.”eid’s long range effort was headed in from close range by Michail Antonio on 24 minutes.
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“Zlatan couldnt understand that the architectural style cant be the same, but in the end he was ??forc.”“But that was as good as it got for Slavisa Jokanovics side, who looked rattled by Brightons resurgence.”
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“The 29-year-old centre-half posed for a selfie alongside the Italian midfielder, who appeared hard at work ahead of the clash against Lille on Tuesday, at the PSG training ground.”“Twitter reacted quickly to his decision, with some fans annoyed at his gesture and others suggesting Theos sleeves were merely rolled up.”
“e?e?e???— Danny Welbeck (.WelBeast) December 3, 2016A cheeky reference to the contract sit.”“And Guardiola, as Iniesta recognises, is an exceptional manager.”
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“9; ??35m fee with Monaco for midfield star Tiemoue Bakayoko on lucrative five-year dealREAL PAIGE-TURNErWWE leaked sex tape saga hots up as MORE raunchy videos and pics of ex-champ Paige are shared onlineX-RATED SHOCKERPaige sex tape bombshell as fans express outrage at ‘sex act over WWE championship belt’ Korkut, replaced Roger Schmidt who sacked after a 6-2 defeat by Borussia Dortmund recently will also have to do without Omer Toprak, Jonathan Tah, Stefan Kiessling and Lars Bender.”“ed for the TerriersSo, for the fourth season out of the last five, will the Seagulls again choke when it comes to the big P word Well, we wouldn’t be reading too much into the last month.”
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The Houston Astros acquired Justin Verlander, Yankees with Gray, and the Chicago Cubs with Jose Quintana.
It will be hard to move the contract attached to Sipp’s resum??, but a quick look around yields a couple intriguing lefties.
Twins Do It All Against Orioles – The Runner Sports.

You?€?re not going to out run Life very often and if they are caught out of position, they have the speed to recover.
They will be getting the first overall pick for the first time in a very long time, they have a lot .

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“Livermore, who joined from Spurs in 2014, has made 25 appearances for Hull this season and 104 in total.”spension by UEFA for a positive drugs test after the Europa League game with Manchester United.
Leicester City have already lost twice the number of Premier League games this season (6) as they did in their 2015-16 title-winning campaign (3).No side has failed to score in more Premier League games this season than Burnley (8 – level with Hull City).
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“The Gunners triggered the 29-year-old’s ??20million release clause last Friday and have offered him an ??120,000-a-week deal.”“The closest he came was a 1-1 draw against Arsenal, when Michael Essiens late thunderbolt earned a scarcely deserved draw.”