Volition 10' #7 V2


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Med / Fast unsanded freshwater / saltwater fly rod

Welcome to the Volition. An unsanded, natural finish fly rod that allows the inherent beauty of carbon to show.

  • K series anti tangle strippers.
  • Natural, unsanded blank.
  • Flor cork handle super shaped.
  • Premium quality, no frills reel seat.
  • Spigot and ferrule style joints.
  • Alignment dots.
  • Hook keeper.
  • Saltwater proof.
  • Premium quality cordura tube.
  • Very little thought needed to cast consistently well.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Design info

    A natural finish blank is built to exacting tolerances. Normally, blanks are sanded to remove imperfections which can lead to varying wall thickness. Then they are painted which can add weight and stiffen the blank. Making a cosmetically perfect unsanded blank is as good as it gets in blank manufacture. It allows the carbon to bend naturally and maintains the strength of the carbon. We also think it's very beautiful.

    A sensitive tip with a progressive mid section. What does that mean? Total control over loop shape. Zero tip bounce on back casts. Extreme accuracy. The action is designed to help beginner / intermediate casters by maintaining tip control. For advanced casters the rod steps up a gear, engaging the butt section and allowing for extreme distance in wind without sacrificing accuracy.

    K series anti tangle, angled strippers reduce the angle the line travels when hauling, reducing friction and adding yards to casts. Super shaped flor cork and composite resolves add 'sharpness' to your grip allowing feel through your fingertips. A no nonsesnse saltwater reel seat locks down hard on reels, eliminating annoying side wobble. Rubberised butt caps protect the rod against boats, gravel and sand. Smoked grey snakes and a hexagonal cordura tube complete this high end casting and fishing tool.

    Designed by Tom Bell, an ex-instructor who dedicated 12 years of his life to perfecting his casting style, after already fishing & casting for 30 years. "I wanted a rod that I could paint loops with, as though I was painting a ceiling with a brush...a rod that made me want to fish #7's and #8's again. A rod that said no to the fast action trend. A rod that I could pull a 20lb fish in off the Midfjardara or the Rio Gallegos but also a rod that I could happily target 2lb stockies with at stillwaters. This rod action combined with the low friction guides & Microslik range of lines is a life's work for me. I spent 8 years being asked to give my opinion on thousand pound outfits. I don't know one that could even be compared to the Volition and Microslik low friction lines."

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    Lines, Leaders, Set Ups, Maintenance & FAQ's

    Q. Are you making any other lengths and weights? A. Yes. Jeremy Lucas has designed a 10' #2 version called the Volition JL. Specifically designed to cast dries & nymphs. Available in June. In July and August we will have 9' #5, 9'6" #6, 9' #8 and 9' #9 versions. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out more.
    Q. What lines should I use? A. Any fly line will work. However, the action, guide spacings and type of guides used are optimised for our low diameter lines. Any Microslik line will be the very best option. The Marsden Hi Viz & Thermocline Sink are weighted perfectly for the Volition too. All our lines are perfectly weighted to match the action of the Volition. We've made 2 price ranges of lines available also, making the Volition and Sunray line combo a profoundly high performing outfit available to the working man.
    Q. What weight should I buy for my rod? A. If you have a #6 rod, buy a #6 line for instance.
    Q. How do I maintain the rod? A. It is guaranteed for life. A wipe with a damp cloth will keep it clean. Keep the joints clear of grit and the rod bag dry. 
    Q. What is the carbon strength? A. 40 tonne.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Effortless Distance

    Paired with the Microslik Short Head, this rod is a delight to cast and handles fish with ease.
    With this setup, distance is effortless.

    beautiful, fun

    beautiful, fun

    Full line cast

    "When I used it I had a pal along as a guest. He is a mean fisherman and an excellent caster, makes me look like a buffoon. Off the river he put all but 6ft of the running line out. He was mighty impressed by the outfit. Now I want to find a Scandi or Skagit line to toss from it. What grain weight would you suggest? I see you did make a Scandi. Are you doing any more?"

    Hi, all Scandi lines will be available in 2018.
    All you say of the Volition is totally correct in every aspect.

    "There's hype and there's lies but all you say of the Volition is totally correct in every aspect. What a rod! Combine it with the International line, your tippet you have a string of pearls. What do I like most? Hard to differentiate but apart from it flattering my casting I like its no need for false casting one shot river casting over distance. How much do I like it? I look forward to hearing about the rest of the range of rods you have coming along. Well done Tom. Rod, lines, tippets; all absolute winners. Many thanks."

    You're one of our best customers Willy, thankyou. I think you have every rod we make now right?