Fly Line Backing & Indicator


Fly Line Backing & Indicator


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Dacron ™ braid backing with a 2 tone hi vis braid pattern. Low diameter Dacron designed to knot easily and dry when on the spool. We use this backing for freshwater and saltwater fishing when we need space on our reel to prevent the fly line jamming against the frame. We also use this backing in 8' sections as indicator material when nymphing. We apply lineslik to make it float and leave it untreated when direct line nymphing.

We use red backing for floating lines and green backing for sinking lines. It makes for easy identification of lines on reels.

  • 30lb
  • 50m
  • Dacron™
  • Low diameter
  • For all fly lines and fly reels
  • Indicator material

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Jamie Rees (Swansea, GB)

Fly Line Backing & Indicator

Al Revzin (Denver, US)
Improves bad caster

I am the second worst fly caster in the world. Your lines, for some reasons, enable me to cast farther and more accurately. Neat.
Though LineSlik is needed!

Paul Beaulieu (Surrey, CA)

All great

Anders Gustavsson

To heavy for the linclass.

David Pierce (Farmington, US)
Great fly line

I’ve used lines from most companies; single hand and two hand Spey.
There is no question in my mind that the Spey taper single hand line of yours is by far the best !!!

Kerry Matz (Salt Lake City, US)
Big Red

Took a while to get used to the indicator method. Casts well and gets good distance, shooting will to be improved with a basket. Cooler fall weather will give it a real test on some big water. Overall I’m a happy fisher with it.

Jeremy (Perranporth, GB)
Fly line

Brilliant fly line thanks

John Beadle (Bangor, GB)
Bobby Dazzler

Quality lines very very easy casting, my beginner mates bought two!

Andrew Abbott (Colwyn Bay, GB)
Fishing made easy

A top quality line, which is very forgiving very easy to cast with and most certainly increases your cast.
You will not be disappointed

James Muir (Burntisland, GB)
5wt Fly line and backing

Brilliant fly line and backing, went straight on my greys reel and it's the only one I use now, sits nicely on top of the water

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