Fly Boxes

Browse the very best range fly fishing boxes on the page below, for storing all of your fly fishing gear. An important part of fly fishing, is having things organised and at your fingertips when you need things. Fly fishing storage boxes are an essential part of our fishing trips and Sunray have created a collection of boxes that are tailor made for the job. From large boxes with between 2 & 18 magnetic strip capacity and much more. The need to store streamers and buggers and other gear, is important along with solid and high quality clasps that are reliable. Sunray's range of fly fishing boxes allows the ability to store dries, nymphs, and small streamers & more in your box with an easy to use and robust box that lasts the test of time. Perfectly designed with storage compartments, along with magnetic strip storage and easy to carry boxes.  Order today, from Sunray with great prices, high quality storage boxes and fast delivery to your door.