Double Hand
Scandi Gallegos Shooting Head
Scandi Gallegos Shooting Head
Scandi Gallegos Shooting Head
30% thinner than Airflo Scandi Compact heads.

Scandi Gallegos Shooting Head

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Low diameter coating makes this line sit just slightly lower than a high float line. It sits low so it doesnt create a wake when swinging or when retrieved. Built to combat high winds in Argentina and designed by the guides from the Rio Gallegos. It lands very delicately but can cast extremely long distances. The ultimate Scandi design, use with long Straight and Soft Leaders, with Hybrid anti shine fluorocarbon coated tippet. For the ultimate system, combine with our Mono running line which is harder than regular mono running lines to prevent tangles and create massive distance casts.

You can buy just the heads or combine with tapered leaders and mono running line as a complete outfit, by clicking the options above. The leaders are 9' long. Add your length of tippet to create the correct leader you need, for instance we would add another 9' of Hybrid to a Straight and Soft Tapered Leader to create a perfect 18' tapered leader system on a 33' long head. Available as a float and float / anti wake intermediate tip line. The Float / Inter features an integrated 12' low diameter low float section.


  • Rod length adjusted taper.    
  • Micro thin running line
  • Micro thin anti shadow front taper
  • Micro welded loops


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Customer Reviews

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Good service and fast delivery

Nice line and everything was perfect.

Great shooting head to cast with

Weighs exactly as specified. Turns over nicely. Hi-vis orange coating makes it a must for fly casting photography. Joy to cast it. Love it !!

An Outstanding Line

I tried a selection of head weights and lengths on my 12' 6" Volition 7 weight double handler. Single Spey, Spiral Spey, Snap T with and without a Poke. What a great line, such a pleasure and so easy to cast. It was annoying as, out of season, there was no one around to see how well I could cast; all down to Tom's line not my ability. Isn't backing line interesting, I hadn't seen mine for years. The line went miles. It is an ideal line to teach beginners with and a great line for an expert on a big river. Another winner, thanks Tom.


Scandi Gallegos Shooting Head

Back to back test with Rio

"I am new one in double handed spey rods game and still learning how to cast.I bought for different top brands of spey lines and try to find out the best one for my new 13.6 #7/8 weight salmon rod.We decide to cast all of them with one experienced angler who casting 30+ years Spey lines. Some of them are just ok some one better .This Scandi shooting head +low diameter Sunray running line ....its ,,top of the line''and winner first class.Searching is over . This is fantastic set up for my first salmon trip to Sweden .I dont care about any other brands-Sunray only. Thanks Tom"

Thanks for this back to back with Rio lines. Our lines are at least 20% thinner so it doesn't surprise me they beat the Rio.