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Intermédiaire à descente lente avec Overhang Marker®️

Vous cherchez la ligne de "recherche" ultime ? Vous l'avez trouvée. Si vous débutez dans une pêcherie, cette ligne est faite pour vous. 

Il s'agit d'une ligne descendante lente qui s'enfonce plus profondément qu'un intermédiaire lent régulier, et la vitesse peut être contrôlée, contrairement à un intermédiaire rapide.

Vous contrôlez la profondeur. Une récupération rapide pour maintenir les mouches en l'air, une récupération plus lente pour leur permettre de couler. 

Ligne d'eau salée froide à grande distance pour la truite de mer scandinave. Ligne de truite de mer de nuit et travail longue distance dans le fjord norvégien.

Vous vous éloignerez énormément de cette ligne. Chargez simplement le marqueur de surplomb sur la pointe de la canne et laissez-le voler.

Et quelqu'un a-t-il mentionné le vent ? Oubliez ça... c'est comme si ça n'existait pas avec notre SSI.


    Looking for the ultimate 'searching' line?  You've found it. If you're new to a fishery, then this is the line for you. 

    It's a slow sinking line which sinks deeper than a regular slow intermediate, and the speed can be controlled, unlike a fast intermediate. You control the depth. A fast retrieve to keep the flies up, a slower retrieve to allow them to sink. 

     Huge distance cold saltwater line for Scandinavian Sea Trout. Night time sea trout line & Norwegian fjord long distance work. You'll get huge distance from this line. Just load the Overhang Marker to the tip of the rod and let it fly. And did someone mention wind? Forget about it....it's like it doesn't exist using our SSI.



    Head Length

    Total Length

    Slow Sinking Intermediate SSI #5

    17g at 36'



    Slow Sinking Intermediate SSI #6

    19g at 36'



    Slow Sinking Intermediate SSI #7

    21g at 38'



    Slow Sinking Intermediate SSI #8

    23.5g at 38'



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 99 reviews
    Derek Balfour (Forfar, GB)

    Slow Sinking Intermediate Fly Line with Overhang Marker®️

    Dennis Gordon (Belfast, GB)
    Slow sinker intermediate line

    Can't believe how easy to cast with perfect fly presentation best line

    R.G. (Stockton, US)
    Slow intermediate line

    This is a great line and does all that is claimed and allows you to cover the water column at your pace. The distance capability is really amazing. I highly recommend if you are looking for a line that does what is mentioned here.

    henrik enget (Oslo, NO)
    Slow sinking intermidiate line

    Excellent line, greetings from norway!

    Thanks Henrik! Delighted to hear you're enjoying your SSi line.

    Miran Bilic (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
    High quality line

    Exzellent line, premium quality. Cast very well, lands smoth on the water. I like the loading zone very much. Even in windy conditions you can make good and far cast.
    For my taste the sinking rate is a bit on the fast side, slow strips in flat water can be a challenge. Excellente value for money!

    Beasley Phillip (Poole, GB)

    This line is amazing I never thought it would improve my casting so quickly and make it so easy to control. Fantastic wish I found it year's ago .

    Delighted to hear this Phillip! Thanks from Team Sunray.

    Michael Denton (Leeds, GB)

    Great line, 1st outing , must master the over line marker, but it gained the distance required. very pleased with its capabilities.

    Judge.me YouTube video placeholder

    Great video Michael, you were casting a nice line with the floater as well as the SSI from Sunray. Nice casting! Great video.