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Git Down 3ips / 5ips Fast Sink avec Overhang Marker®️

Rechercher plus. Accrochez plus. Convertissez davantage.

Ne coupez pas les coins ronds. Pêchez chaque pouce du lac avec cette ligne coulante à triple densité, qui coule dans un plan de niveau. Oubliez ces lignes qui pêchent en arc de cercle.

En termes simples, il garde les mouches dans la zone plus longtemps.

C'est une ligne qui coule rapidement, pour faire tomber les mouches. Avec une tête courte et la fonction Overhang Marker, pour charger rapidement et exploser des distances incroyables avec un seul trait.

Pêcher plus loin, plus profondément et plus longtemps...


Search more. Hook more. Convert more.

Don't cut corners. Fish every inch of the lake with this triple density sinking line, that sinks in a level plane. Forget those lines that fish in an arc. Simply put, it keeps flies in the zone for longer.

It's a fast sinking line, to get flies down. With a short head, and Overhang Marker feature, to load quickly and blast flies amazing distances with one haul. Fish further, deeper for longer...



Head Length

Total Length

Git Down 3 ips / 5 ips #5

17g at 36'



Git Down 3 ips / 5 ips #6

19g at 36'



Git Down 3 ips / 5 ips #7

21g at 38'



Git Down 3 ips / 5 ips #8

23.5g at 38'



Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Kevin Owen (Birmingham, GB)

Git Down 3ips / 5ips Fast Sink Fly Line with Overhang Marker®️

Jonathan Davies (Isleworth, GB)
Great line

Does exactly as advertised , hope it lasts.

K.W. (Portland, US)
The #1 Fish catcher

Two facts about full sinking lines: 1) They catch a ton of fish, 2) they are kinking, nasty, horrible things to cast. All of them, even from the best companies.
The Sunray lines are by far the best. They cast further, snaggle less, and catch more fish than any line I have. They are almost fun to cast. I need to replace my entire arsenal with these lines.

Great review Doug, we're delighted to hear this. Thanks from all at Sunray HQ.

Michael hale (Morpeth, GB)

I ordered some fly line from.sunray and line was delivered in a couple of days great customer service

Great to hear Michael..... we think you hit 1 star by mistake though

John Cavens (Glasgow, GB)

The flyline is very good could do with a hang marker for lifting out the water precast?..

Terry Snowden (Merritt, CA)
Git Down 3ips/5ips Fast sink flying with overhang marker

Love this line. Performs as it should.

Tim Griffith (La Puente, US)
Fast sink fly line

Love every fly line that I have purchased from Sunray. The fast sink fly line with Overhang marker is no exception. I now have 5 fly lines from Sunray 2 Proline(5&6) 2 3ips/5ips fast sink (6&7) and 1 #5 bungline with overhang marker.
Can' wait to get back on the water.