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Ligne flottante Proline

La Proline la plus vendue. Oui, le rouge dont tout le monde parle !

Utilisez-le pour les eaux calmes / leurres, les bateaux et les berges, les rivières, la nymphe européenne et les sèches. Le summum de la polyvalence, avec une ligne de course micro fine, un revêtement souple ultra lisse, ce qui signifie moins de friction.

Vous pouvez vous attendre à plus de distance, de délicatesse et de précision, des dérives sans traînée et des reprises silencieuses... et n'oublions pas la faible mémoire et le faible étirement.

C'est simple. Effrayez moins, accrochez plus, atterrissez plus.

  • Aucune boucle ou bobine soudée.Nous nous sommes efforcés de vous offrir la meilleure ligne au meilleur prix.

    Whether you're casting on lakes or rivers, this fly line delivers outstanding results.

    A standout feature of the Proline Floating Fly Line is its versatility. This fly line is designed to accommodate different sizes of flies, making it suitable for various fishing conditions. Whether you're targeting small trout or large salmon, this fly line will meet your needs.

    The Proline Floating Fly Line offers exceptional performance and provides a smooth and effortless casting experience. Its weight forward tapered design allows for seamless line control and effortless casting.

    Weight Head Length Total Length
    Proline #1 6.5g at 30' 30' 90'
    Proline #2 7.8g at 30' 30' 90'
    Proline #3 8.2.g at 30' 30' 90'
    Proline #4 9.5g at 30' 30' 90'
    Proline #5 17g at 40 40' 120'
    Proline #6 19g at 40' 40' 120'
    Proline #7 21g at 45' 45' 120'
    Proline #8 23g at 40' 40’ 120'


    ✓ Good all round mid head floating line
    ✓ Micro Thin running line. Extreme distance
    ✓ Exceptional roll / Spey casting line
    ✓ Great for lakes & rivers
    ✓ Casts small, medium and larger flies

    Proline #1 6.5g at 30' Head Length

    Proline #2 7.8g at 30' Head Length

    Proline #3 8.2.g at 30' Head Length

    Proline #4 9.5g at 30' Head Length

    Proline #5 17g at 40' Head Length 

    Proline #6 19g at 40' Head Length

    Proline #7 21g at 45' Head Length

    Proline #8 23g at 40' Head Length

    ✓ Spey / triangle taper
    ✖︎ No welded loops
    ✓ Permaslik Anti Crack Coating
    ✓ Micro Thin Running Line

    ✖︎ No spool






    Customer Reviews

    Based on 505 reviews
    Adrian Burton (Coventry, GB)
    Proline Fliating Line.

    Arrived on time, works well with my 5# rod, casts straight. Good value for money.

    Mark (Dumfries, GB)
    Line was tangled

    Went to load this onto a reel and it was tangled what a job trying to get it it sorted.

    David Thelwall (Coalville, GB)
    Proline WF7F

    Nice line not sure about the colour yet but seems to have little memory.

    Haven't fished with it yet but will do so in coming days.

    Being honest I don't really need another WF7F line but for £19 plus P&P i was persuaded to buy and try.

    Daryl (Falkirk, GB)
    Proline floating line

    Superb line. Very happy. Casts extremely well.

    Stephen Smith (Reykjavik, IS)

    Like you said, lays out straight.

    Sean Rosbotham (Belfast, GB)
    Poline floating line

    Great line at that money

    Jamie White (Chorley, GB)
    Great value for money

    This line gave me so much more distance to my casting and certainly doesn't feel overweight. A great line for the price. I would highly recommend.