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Git Down Float / Inter Sink Tip avec Overhang Marker®️

Pêchez les 6" du haut avec plus de précision...

Une tête flottante avec une pointe intégrée de 4 pieds qui coule lentement pour obtenir des mouches dans les 12 po supérieurs. Place vos mouches là où les poissons se nourrissent 99 % du temps.

Conçu pour couler lorsqu'il est utilisé avec des bas de ligne en fluorocarbone pour suspendre les mouches avec un meilleur contrôle, plutôt que de dépendre entièrement de la ligne de mouche pour obtenir de la profondeur. Un cône avant de faible diamètre signifie que, bien qu'il s'agisse d'une ligne de pointe d'évier, elle ne se pose pas comme une brique.

La tête courte avec notre fonction Overhang Marker, se charge rapidement et explose des distances incroyables avec un seul trait.

Utilisez-le pour les eaux calmes avec un espace de lancer arrière limité, les pêcheurs en kayak/bateau, la pêche côtière dans les rochers, la pêche en rivière avec un espace limité ou les lancers à une main.

Pensez aux moucherons, aux nymphes, aux araignées et aux leurres sous-marins...

Pour le dire simplement......N'allez PAS sur un lac sans cette ligne !


    Fish the top 6" with more precision...

    A floating head with integrated 4ft slow sinking tip to get flies in the top 12". Puts your flies where the fish are feeding.

    Designed to sink when used with fluorocarbon leaders to suspend flies with greater control, rather than depending entirely on the fly line to get depth. A low diameter front taper means that, although this is a sink tip line, it doesn't land like a brick.

    The short head along with our Overhang Marker feature, loads quickly and blasts flies amazing distances with one haul.

    Use it for stillwaters with limited back casting space, kayak/boat fishers, coastal rock fishing, river fishing with limited space or single hand spey casts. 

    Think midges, nymphs, spiders and sub surface lures...

    To put it simply......DO NOT go on a lake without this line!




    Head Length

    Total Length

    Git Down Float / Inter #5

    17g at 36'



    Git Down Float / Inter #6

    19g at 36'



    Git Down Float / Inter #7

    21g at 38'



    Git Down Float / Inter #8

    23.5g at 38'



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews
    James Bisset (Crieff, GB)
    Salmo Seeker

    Wee brownies love to hide in the fast races and this is perfect for casting (like a bullet) up stream to get the nymphs in the zone by the time it reaches them.

    Rob Hall (Bradford, GB)
    Sunray midge tip

    Brilliant line casts Brilliant

    Wayne Smith (Southampton, GB)
    Best sink tip line I’ve got

    This line is way better than I was expecting, it’s very subtle, easy to cast and virtually no memory, i really like it, so much so I bought another one,

    Thanks Wayne! Great to hear.

    Paul Lawton (Cork, IE)
    You won't look back

    I started using Sunray lines last year, I found them excellent for casting and presenting the flies to the fish, I recommend you to try them and l like me you won't look back

    Lovely comments Paul, thank you ....I think you meant to click 5 stars though

    Daryl Booth (Nottingham, GB)

    Cast well- the overhang marker is very helpful. I have brought a few lines from you recently because of the ease of this feature.

    michael odriscoll (Dublin, IE)
    Git down float / inter sink tip fly line

    This the third fly line I've bought from sunray. in 40 years fishing I find them the best thay absolutely fly off the fly rod. Presentation is top class. Thank you sunray.

    Thanks Michael. We love this review. You've put a smile on our faces here at Sunray HQ.

    Gregory Cann (London, GB)
    Speedy delivery

    I won’t use this line until the spring sea trouting in Denmark but I choose it as I have the short head floater in a 5# no need for a million false casts just load to the marker and let it go perfect for long days making lots of casts .