California Glass Rod



8' #1 6' 4" #2 8' #4 7' 6" #5 8' 4" #6

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California Glass Rod


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8' #1 6' 4" #2 8' #4 7' 6" #5 8' 4" #6

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Video Specifications How to use

Deep action lightweight super slim glass fibre rod designed for maximum feel and shock absorption. We use the lighter weights for small streams and small stillwaters. The 4,5, and 6 weights are perfect for stillwaters and carp fishing, casting larger flies easily. We also use the 6 weight for Pike and Perch.

  • Use lighter tippets
  • Cast teams of flies without tangling
  • Never lose fish
  • Titanium stripper guides
  • Black anodised snake rings
  • Clear wrap varnish over black thread
  • Airmesh rod sock
  • Glass rod tube

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Chad Goymer (Dover, GB)
Amazingly robust and pokey little rod

I was interested in this rod after being so impressed with my 7wt volition. I was lucky enough to win this rod in a competition that Tom was running on his facebook page the other week so I was over the moon as I was considering purchasing the rod if I had not won it. I have never used a fibreglass fly rod before but after half an hour of adjustments and slowing my cast down a bit I was rocking and rolling.

My main intention for this rod was to use it for stalking big specimen trout in difficult to reach places such as under the trees etc especially in the summer months where if you was using a 10 foot 7 weight you simply would not be able to have the room to cast with a full size rod.

Tom has stated that he has taken carp up to 15lbs on this rod so I was hoping i was up to the task of what I wanted to ask from it......I was initially worried when I felt initially how bendy the rod was......however my fears were put to rest straight away I put this rod through its paces yesterday talking four decent trout including a golden trout around the 5lbs mark.

This rod had no problem at all tacking the hard fighting trout of Rockbourne Trout fishery in the New Forest. The rod certainly bends but at no point did I feel my rod was in any danger. I always play my fish on the reel anyhow so the fight is distributed 50/50 between the rod and reel.......If you want to yank a big trout in using hand stripping then you probably should be using a 10 foot 7 weight rod.....using a bendy fibreglass rod backs fighting fish fun and in my mind thats wha fishing is all about.....FUN

As other reviewers have stated this rod also casts like a rocket for a 4 weight too

I'm over the moon with this rod and cannot wait to get some real lumps on the end of my line and put another bend on this rod

Cheers Guys

Dave Warren (Bulkington, GB)
Glass California.... Amazing

I’ve been using this rod for 2 months now, it’s quite simply awesome. Casts a #4 line like a dream, throw a #5 El Guapo like a bullet! A #6 line loads superbly when I’m fishing the canal for perch and Zander. The only thing I’ve not tried yet is a #3 on small streams but that won’t be long!! The power is quite unbelievable, it’s a pleasure to use!

Neil St Quinton (London, GB)
It’s frigin awesome!!!

It’s awesome it feels like a 3 weight bends like a 3 weight and casts like a 6 weight but it’s a 4 weight, I can cast 90’ the whole line!!! Like Tom shows on the video but also will cast short I’m so impressed with it!!!

Adam C (Wrexham, GB)
California Glass 8ft #1

Lovely little rod, seen action a couple of times now on tree lined small stream in Shropshire. Used for single dry fly and light duo set up. Delicate presentation at close range - typically around 20 foot, above 30 foot is a long cast on this water.
Very pleased with purchase so far. Not many rods available in this configuration.
Nice work Tom.
Adam C - Shropshire, UK

russell mark abbott (Barnsley, GB)
California glass rod

What a fantastic rod. First time I played a fish on it, I thought it was a Marlin.

Dave Southall (Hull, GB)
California Glass 6’ 4” 2 weight & 8’ 1 weight rods

I bought these rods a month ago & have had great fun with them catching everything from 6” wild browns to rainbows over 3lb. Roll Casting is outstanding & the protection of light tippets superb. They are great fun even with small fish but cope well with big hard-fighting rainbows. Perfect small stream rods.

Mr DAVID LEE (Skelmersdale, GB)
Microlight 10' 6" 3#

received in a couple of day of ordering and I am very pleased with the purchase the finish is 5* and matches everything Tom highlights in the videos and livestreams and this will be my go to dry fly set up no doubt further purchases will follow

Simon D (Kendal, GB)
This has become my weapon of choice

After watching a few of Toms videos YouTube, I decided I wanted a new little river rod. The California in the videos looked like it fit the bill. I read a few online articles about glass rod before committing, as always having used carbon rod (just my age I guess) I was a little worried about glass of old been soft and spongy... But let me tell you that defiantly isn’t the case! The California arrived and I was instantly impressed by the build quality, having always used sages this is just as good, the cork is first class, the blank a beautiful color and the fit and finish is perfect. Having used the short head weight 4, let me tell you, it’s casts just as good as it looks. No sponginess only perfectly formed accurate loops, the tip although soft has fast recovery so ‘carbon casters’ don’t need to worry. It’s just smooth and a joy to cast. It’s fantastic!

Darren Reski (Chessington, GB)
Incredible piece of kit

Been fly fishing for over 20 years and never have I been more blown away by a incredible piece of kit!
This rod casts effortlessly, I put the sunray 5wt competition float through it today, it flew out like an arrow to the other side of the lake! Yet it presents the flys so delicate, it’s totally rewritten fly fishing for me! Can’t thank you enough Tom, keep up the good work. Inspirational!!!

Owen Vaughn (Lodi, US)
Great product

Great product great service highly recommend this

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