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Sunray Short / Medium Range Micro Thin Dry Floating Fly Line with Overhang Marker

Optimised to fish between the 5' and 40' range.

Designed by Stuart Crofts, considered one of the UK's finest ambassadors for fly fishing. Along with Jeremy Lucas, he was a competitor for England during a period which produced many fly fishing masters. One of our Micro thin fly line range, the Short / Medium Range Dry Fly is designed to overhead cast dry flies and nymphs in overgrown, tight, narrow situations with precise accuracy.

The ultimate in delicate landing, stealthy approach fly fishing.  A line designed for the most difficult fish, the spookiest trout, in crystal clear water and bright sun. Designed to cast overhead but with a 9' front taper down to an ultra low diameter tip, you can nymph in calm or fast water. Cover rising fish multiple times using the ultimate in delicate presentation.