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Predator Fly Rod

Ultra light slim medium action matt blank
Premium AAA grade cork grip
✓ Exceptional medium / large fly predator / saltwater rod
✓ Superb smooth loop delivery & tippet protection
✓ Great for perch / pike / salt


The Predator. Get the feeling of glass with the power of carbon.

The ultimate rod for the big boys. Pike, Perch, Zander .... this rod will handle them with ease. Cast big flies at short, medium and long range. Quick fire. The Predator can put a lot of artillery down range in quick succession, covering a lot of water, triggering those angry responses from predatory, lurking fish. The true through action of the Predator is designed to keep you in constant contact with large flies. Bullying those big fish out of the weeds and undergrowth, using the rods full action, not just the tip. 

And as if the performance wasn't enough, we've designed the Predator with a flamed mahogany unground blank. A thing of beauty. The Predator harks back to the days when rods had soul. Quite simply a formidable piece of kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
T.S. (East Ham, GB)
Golden Dorado in Bolivia

A week of thousands of casts, rock scrambling, boat work and very spooky fish.

I’d taken a few rods Inc. two 9wt rods one with scientific angler jungle line, and one with a Sunray micro line. Both rods performed so well, super capable at distance casting, very precise, and the tip flex proved so useful with aerial, livid fish. Maintaining connection and vital elasticity on these super powerful Amazonian predictors. The paring of the Sunray rod and line helped enormously with the endless casting and its physical impact, the lighter Sunray line felt really direct, an extension of the rod and arm. The scientific anglers line was easily shot across bigger spans of river but in hindsight why sling heavy all day when you can sling light?! Go Sunray across rod and line. The ability to steer fish was easily managed with this set up. No issues managing and wrestling a fish away from rocks and trees mid river.

Rods were paired with Nautilus nv- g reels and proved really balanced with this set up.

My guides all tried the rods, and loved the tip flexibility, and its impact on accuracy of casting and aerial fish management. I saw a number of fish lost to less flexible tips, on more expensive rods due to direct contact between fish and reel without the buffer to impact resistance provided by a softer tip.

Amazing rods, bang on purpose. Take them to the wild wild fish!

C.M. (London, GB)
Best Pike Rod I've Ever Used

The action was perfect to cast medium sized flies with very little back casting space, I’d move up to the #9 for larger flies. The size of the 3 Torzite K Series strippers means that I can have the head in the rings, strip to my feet and get the full head out again to recast in one false cast. Perfect with the obstructions behind us and for these lethal Pike flies. This fish took at my feet and the rod, being softer, took the impact and played this fish perfectly. It’s as though the tip follows the fish making it impossible to escape. Stiffer rods create shock between fish and rod, especially at short distance and you lose fish. I can’t recommend this rod enough.