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SC Micro Thin Dry Fly con Overhang Marker®️

Perfezione furtiva per canne da 9' e inferiori...

Abbiamo chiamato questa linea Stuart Crofts, poiché è considerato uno dei migliori ambasciatori del Regno Unito per la pesca a mosca. Insieme a Jeremy Lucas, è stato un concorrente per l'Inghilterra durante un periodo che ha prodotto molti maestri di pesca a mosca.

Stuart Crofts, una delle nostre linee di mosche sottili Micro, è progettata per lanciare mosche secche e ninfe dall'alto.

Il massimo in termini di atterraggio delicato, pesca a mosca con approccio furtivo. Un filo progettato per i pesci più difficili, le trote più spettrali, in acque cristalline e sole splendente. Progettato per lanciare sopra la testa ma con un taper anteriore di 9' fino a una punta di diametro ultra basso, puoi ninfare in acque calme o veloci.

Copri più volte il pesce in lievitazione utilizzando l'ultima novità in termini di presentazione delicata.

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Il peso

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Stuart Crofts Microsottile #1

6,5g a 30'



Stuart Crofts Microthin #2

7,8 g a 30'



Stuart Crofts Microsottile #3

8.2.g a 30'



Stuart Crofts Microsottile #4

9,5 g a 30'



Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Graham Jones (Bradford, GB)

I’m really pleased with the line it casts well

Andrew Connolly (Hobart, AU)
4WT river line

Great line for my 7'6" 4wt rod in smaller rivers. Very easy to cast, I seem to cast further with less effort. I think a 6wt for my other rod will be coming in the future.

David Southall (Hull, GB)
2 weight Stuart Crofts’ line

This is my favourite small stream line. Presentation is delicate & it loads quickly for relatively short casts. It also roll casts well.

Mike Schelp (Kansas City, US)
Incredibly awesome line

I have this line in 2 and 4 wt and they cast a LONG way, are easy to lift, roll cast well and are accurate. I recommended this line to my fishing buddies and will keep doing so. Until you try one, you can’t know, after you do you will be a believer! The pic is of a 9” Creek Chub caught on my 2 wt rid. You can see the gray colored SC line on the reel, which is the point. I was “Creek Chubbin” and had to make accurate casts at a short (20-25’) distance. This line handled that well, too. The closest trout to where I live are about 200 miles away.

Richard Wright (Sheffield, GB)
SC micro thin

I’m a GAIA instructor. www.castingwright.com
I have just bought my sixth one of these lines.
You have to be sure you understand what you are buying. As long as you do, I think they are good value (especially if you buy them in the sale... sorry JL)...
These lines are over weighted for their designated #wt. This is NOT a bad thing, you just need to know. They compare, weight wise, very similarly to the specialist Rio single handed spey which cost twice as much. However they are slimmer and an appealingly stealthy dull, neutral colour.
Very good for loading a stream rod at close quarters where you are casting at less than 30 feet. Roll casts very nicely. Good lines for the beginner/improver to try if you feel the usual fly line doesn’t seem to give you enough sensation of load or “feel” on the forward cast.
The tip can crack up a bit with use but this doesn’t seem to impact on effectiveness in practice.
As always keep it clean, dry it out and use line dressing regularly.
I have no financial or other interest in Sunray.

Vaclav Dvorsky (Prague, CZ)
Just perfect!

I have used only lines from Sunray for over two years and am delighted.

Great to hear Vaclav. Your positivity and the time taken to leave a review is much appreciated by the Sunray Team.

John Leonard (Nottingham, GB)
One of my favourites

I already have the two and three weight micro thin lines, they cast really well and present very delicately. I find them particularly good in conditions you might normally use a line several weights heavier.