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Medium / Long Range Micro Thin Dry Fly Line with Overhang Marker®️

✓ Designed by Jeremy Lucas England fishing team manager

Optimised to fish between the 15' and 65' range.

✓ Micro Thin fly line for ultra delicate presentation
✓ White Overhang Marker™️ 10 out of 10 perfect casts
✓ Exceptional dry fly & nymph / euro nymph line
✓ Great for not spooking fish during rises
✓ Great for larger rivers, stillwaters & longer rods

    Designed to fish between the 15' and 65' range. The ultimate in delicate landing, stealthy approach fly fishing.

    So good the England team manager put his name on it! A Micro thin fly line, featuring the Overhang Marker and designed to overhead cast dry flies and nymphs. Lets you fish for the spookiest trout in crystal clear water and bright sun.

    A line for the most difficult fish. Designed with a 12' front taper down to an ultra low diameter tip, you can nymph in calm or fast water. Think dries and nymphs. Switch to Euro, then back to dries. Cover rising fish multiple times.




    Head Length

    Total Length

    Medium / Long Range Dry Fly #0

    5.2g at 30'



    Medium / Long Range Dry Fly #1

    6.5g at 30'



    Medium / Long Range Dry Fly #2

    7.8g at 30'



    Medium / Long Range Dry Fly #3

    8.6g at 30'



    Medium / Long Range Dry Fly #4

    9.8g at 30'




    Designed by Jeremy Lucas. England Team Manager

    Driven by two fundamentals; conservation of wild habitat and the key of presentation. Jeremy Lucas is known for his simplicity and minimalism which he refers to as the 'ultimate refinement'. Cambridge science graduate, author of Presentation Fly-Fishing, Tactical Fly Fishing & long standing England team member, Jeremy’s name is synonymous with light line fly fishing. Uncomfortable with listing competitive achievements, the list is as broad as it is long.

    First ever winner of the European Open Championship 1987
    Team gold, silver and bronze medals in World and European Championships
    Individual bronze (World Championships 1993)
    Winner of River and Lake Home internationals 1994 & 2004
    Australian National Team Coach
    Ex England Team Manager

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 61 reviews
    doc dave (Senden, DE)

    I have been using this line almost exclusively on my 2 weight rod, ever since Tom developed it in conjunction with Jeremy Lucas.
    The clever construction means it can cover the whole spectrum from dries to wets and the small nymphs that I use.
    Buy one - you won't be disappointed!

    So pleased to hear you're enjoying your new line. Thanks for review, from all at Sunray HQ.

    C.G. (Kingston upon Thames, GB)
    When Delicate Presentation is a must

    This fly line lands out straight and with minimum disturbance , when fishing for Totally wild fish that have possibly never seen a fisherman before, this surely has to be a bonus .I used a #3 with a 10ft soft action rod , by my own admission I am not the best caster but I found this no problem , turned over well and presented the fly nicely.I have started using the Lineslik too now which I feel helps, reduces friction and helps the fly line sit high on the water, making the fly line easier to lift off on the first back cast. I don't use the micro loop connection on the end but it looks well finished and sturdy. Not stupid money either which is always a bonus .


    Love it !

    Jeremy Lucas (Arras, FR)

    Perfected by design, painstaking selection of materials and testing.

    Michael Bockhaus (Milwaukee, US)

    JL Micro Thin Dry Floating Fly Line with Overhang Marker®️

    Glomis (Turin, IT)
    Perfect lines

    I use mainly JL and SC, prolines . For those guys who technicale are novice Perfect choice.
    Landing On water same as fly presentation PRO level.

    I think everyone should start fly fishing from those lines ,will save lot of time and money.

    Did not have a chance to try nymph line and would like to compare it with ones I have. It will be my next choice

    peter booth (Crewe, GB)
    JL #3 microthin line

    Subtle , lies straight , supple line with great turnover . I have used the #4 for a while now and it's excellent . 👍

    Thank you for your positive comments Peter. Much appreciated by all at Sunray HQ.