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Blobs & Fabs Collection

2 x Sunburst Jelly Fritz FAB : Use as the point fly washing line style and suspend 2 droppers, either buzzers or blobs, Fish with a full floater and fluorocarbon or a sink tip and let them find the fish. Deadly.

2 x Candy Blob : Hugely popular colour combination. You won't find a competition fisher without this in their box.

2 x Viva FAB : Fish on it's own or with a washing line setup. This Viva colour way will take fish all day. The combination of a Viva and a FAB can be devastating. Bags of 40 fish often.

2 x Candy FAB : The FAB version of the most popular colour way for comp fishers. Having both sinking and floating versions means you control the depth and target fish with this comp classic fly.

2 x Black FAB : When they've seen it all, switch to this. Black on black with a foam butt. Pull to create a wake on it's own or washing line style.

2 x Marshmallow Raspberry Gold Head Blob : Our favourite under the bung. Use this as either a middle or top dropper to get the flies sunk under the bung. We use this in combination with as Candy blob under either a 2 or 3 hook bung setup. Comp winning cast time after time.