Overhang Marker™
Stuart Crofts Dry Fly with Overhang Marker®️
Stuart Crofts Dry Fly with Overhang Marker®️

Stuart Crofts Dry Fly with Overhang Marker®️

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Micro thin fly line designed to overhead cast dry flies and nymphs. The ultimate in delicate landing, stealthy approach fly fishing. Designed for the spookiest trout in crystal clear water and bright sun. A line for the most difficult fish. Designed to cast overhead but with a 9' front taper down to an ultra low diameter tip, you can nymph in calm or fast water also. 29' head.

What is the difference with the Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly? Use the Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly with rods 9' and over. Use the Stuart Croft's Dry Fly with rods 9' and under. If the rod is 9', then you can choose either. The Jeremy Lucas has a longer head designed for larger rivers. The Stuart Croft's has a shorter head designed for smaller rivers.

  • 2 smooth, small, strong welded loops
  • Overhang marker
  • Micro thin running line
  • Micro thin anti shadow grey front taper
  • 100' total length
  • 30' head length
  • Easy spool packaging, just tie on and pull
  • Low memory
  • Lies straight

Product Name


Head Length

Total Length

Stuart Crofts Microthin #1

6.5g at 30'



Stuart Crofts Microthin #2

7.8g at 30'



Stuart Crofts Microthin #3

8.2.g at 30'



Stuart Crofts Microthin #4

9.5g at 30'



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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 37 reviews
        Stuart Croft 4wt

        Nice line complements the Guideline Elevation 9ft 4# rod very well. Can’t wait to use it on a small river as suggested in the online description. The Jeramy Lucas with the longer head would be more appropriate for the larger river I am fishing.

        Stuart Croft Fly Line with 6ft Agility Rise 3wt combo

        A noticeable different line to cheap ones I’ve always used . Impressive roll casting with this line even in the absence of much skill in tight spots . Would definitely recommend this line !

        Great Product/service

        Received my items in a timely manner- considering it involved overseas shipping to the USA. Have done a little practicing with the new line & absolutely love the “overhang marker”. Believe it has definitely improved my casting distance. Thank you for your video presentations - I am a novice & they have been very helpful.

        great product

        bought to go with my 10' 6 " 3 weight cant fault the line lies straight no memory ni issues at all

        Stuart Croft dry fly line 3#

        Excellent. I have a number of Sunray lines now and without doubt they all perform superbly.
        Definitely my go to lines.
        The Stuart Croft is perfect for my local Derbyshire waters.
        Many thanks.

        First impressions

        Although I have not yet been able to test it thoroughly, it already shows differences with other lines. It is very easy to shoot, it gives the impression of weighing more being thinner. Lifting and posing is very simple, the line pulls itself. Good first impressions a very different line. Wanting to taste it in the water

        2wt om Scott F-series

        Great line, shoots out. Since my rod is only 6feet it feels a little strange, used to Rio on it. The upside to this line on my F-series is that I'm "always" casting 20-25m/60-75feet. It's brilliant, and it makes it easier to be consistent. Gives me a much appreciated reach. Would be interesting to se a version of this line that would be more designed for such a short rod, 6ft. I will be upgrading to a new of the same when this one is used up.
        Will be awesome to catch a 30lb carp on it, extremely interesting feel to the line. Can feel all the vibrations and it complements the rod very well!

        Micro thin on Cane Rods

        Having recently made a couple of #3 Cane rods, one 6ft and another 7’3”, I decided to try the SC #3 line on them, having been using a Royal Wulff TT3 previously.
        I’m really pleased with the results the SC is giving-matches the Cane Rods really well, and casts like a dream, allowing great control, even at close range. I definitely recommend this line.

        Stuart Croft’s Dry Fly

        Such a thin delicate line and ideal for the NZ rivers that once the snow melt has gone and the rivers are low and clear this line allows you to get up close and deliver your presentation with finesse. Great line, try it you’ll like it.

        Bought for a gift

        Have used and do use 6#7# 8# lines,and have recommended fishing friends to your products.