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Ninfa Micro Delgada

Atrapa cuando nadie más está atrapando...

Usado por muchos equipos en competiciones mundiales de pesca con mosca para dar contacto directo a las ninfas del subsuelo en aguas tranquilas o rápidas.

La ninfa microdelgada es una línea nivelada en un núcleo trenzado de baja elasticidad con bucles de núcleo expuestos. Brindándole una transición extra suave a tippets e indicadores finos.

Al ser ultradelgado, se minimiza el hundimiento entre la punta de la caña y las ninfas. Es decir, el contacto directo más sensible con sus moscas que puede obtener, por lo que cuando los peces rechazan una mosca que parece antinatural, cuando exigen una deriva libre de arrastre, aquí es donde la línea Nymph entra en juego.

0,55 mm de diámetro para cumplir con las normas de competencia internacional FIPS Mouche, lo último en pesca de contacto directo.

Lleva a tus ninfas al lugar donde viven y se alimentan los peces... atraparlos cuando nadie más pueda hacerlo. Pesca como un campeón mundial.

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Catch when no one else is catching...

Used by many teams in World fly fishing competitions to give direct contact to subsurface nymphs in calm or fast water. The Micro thin Nymph is a level line on low stretch braid core with exposed core loops. Giving you extra smooth transition to fine tippets and indicators.

Being ultra thin minimises sag between the rod tip and nymphs. Meaning the most sensitive direct contact to your flies you can get, so when the fish refuse a fly that looks unnatural, when they demand drag free drift, this is where the Nymph line comes into it's own. 0.55mm diameter to confirm to FIPS Mouche international competition rules, the ultimate in direct contact fishing.

Get your nymphs down to where the fish live and feed ...... catch when no one else can. Fish like a World Champion.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

Ultra thin

Joseph Kruppo (Walton, US)
No problem with Sunray

Very impressed with Sunray products no problems what so ever.
Even shipping to US product is here before expected.

Gregory Cann (Pontypridd, GB)
Great line

I’ve had another level type nymph line but I was surprised to see how much thinner the Sunray line was , handles great on the water and takes my fly presentation up a notch from my old set up , a very nice line !

Brian Donley (High Point, US)
Sunray Fly Lines

Best fly lines I’ve ever had! Casting is a breeze and distance is outstanding.

Kevin Elley (Kevinfish0144) (Pontypridd, GB)
World nymph line

Great line for euro nymphin highly recommended

Laurence Elvin (Tauranga, NZ)
Sunray World Nymph Line

OMG!!! I've already tried nymph lines from Rio and an "unbranded" version from NZ and this is the benchmark by a long way. It's limp, it casts well and I don't even bother with all the sighter nonsense anymore. I just tie my tippet straight to the end of line. When I need to reach a bit further out, I just cast it out. The most versatile nymph line I've ever used. Thank you Sunray.

Thierry Lelievre (Saint-Gaudens, FR)
Great SUNRAY world nymph line

This world nymph line is the best one I have ever used for european nymphing style.