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Microlito GT

Microlite GT: lo último en equipo táctico. Siente cada toma.

Una caña de mosca ultraligera y de precisión que utiliza la última innovación en diseño de cañas de mosca.

Modelo compacto de 5 piezas - Ddiseñado para ser el compañero de viaje perfecto.

Con las guías más caras del mundo: Torzite. Los insertos más livianos, delgados y duros del mundo. Estos strippers de baja fricción y las serpientes recubiertas de diamantes le permiten lanzar más lejos con bucles más cerrados y mayor precisión.

The Blank: nueva tecnología de carbono Super Slim (SS), desarrollada por Sunray. 20 % más delgado.

Elegante acabado en negro mate. Sin barnizar para ese acabado no reflectante esencial.

Mango de corcho: corcho de grado Flor un 20 % más delgado, para brindar una conexión incomparable con el espacio en blanco.

Calcetín de caña 'Airmesh': nuestro calcetín de malla protectora tiene una sensación acolchada con orificios de aire tejidos, lo que permite que el espacio en blanco respire dentro del tubo, lo que significa que su caña puede secarse mientras se almacena en el calcetín.

Tubo de caña de carbono: un tubo de caña de carbono cepillado de excelente apariencia. Ligero, pero sólido. Brindando verdadera protección para su caña.

El Microlite se ha ganado un culto en el mundo de la pesca con mosca ultraligera, proporcionando un modelo especializado de alta gama para el cazador de especímenes con visión de futuro.

Un instrumento de precisión, capaz de permitirte sentir cada toma.

El Microlite GT es un modelo de alto rendimiento con una verdadera acción y una recuperación rápida como un rayo. En pocas palabras, la Fórmula 1 de las cañas de mosca.


An ultralight, precision fly rod using the latest innovation in fly rod design. 

Compact 5 piece model - Designed to be the perfect travel companion. Featuring the world's most expensive guides - Torzite. The lightest, slimmest, hardest inserts in the world. These low friction strippers and diamond coated snakes allow you to cast further with tighter loops and greater accuracy.

The Blank - New Super Slim (SS) carbon technology, developed by Sunray. 20% slimmer. Sleek Matt Black finish. Unvarnished for that essential non reflective finish. Cork handle - 20% slimmer Flor grade cork, to give an unparalleled connection to the blank.

'Airmesh' Rod Sock - Our protective mesh sock has a padded feel with woven air holes, allowing the blank to breathe within the tube, meaning your rod can dry whilst stored in the sock. Carbon Rod Tube - A great looking brushed carbon rod tube. Lightweight, yet solid. Giving true protection for your rod.

The Microlite has gained a cult following in the ultralight fly fishing world, providing a high end, speciality model for the forward thinking specimen hunter. A precision instrument, capable of allowing you to feel every take.  The Microlite GT is a high end performance model with a true through action and lightening fast recovery.  Simply put, the Formula 1 of fly rods.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
M.A. (Sydney, AU)
Micro light 4#

I agree, I have not lost a fish since buying my micro 4 #. I like how it will bend through to the handle. Every fish feels like 5lb. I have 13 fly rods, and have not used any of them since I got the micro light in 2 years

Now that's what we like to hear Mick.

Gary Stephenson Stephenson (Preston, GB)
Great bit of kit

Responsive but still a nice soft rod to fish with throws a range of sunray lines beautifully

Thanks for taking the time to review your Microlite GT Gary. We're very pleased to hear you're enjoying it.

T.W. (Stafford, GB)
Great Rods

I have 3 microlite rods. 2#,4#,and 5#. They are all brilliant and, along with the masterclass lessons, have helped me become one of the best casters in my club. Also the service from Sunray is great ! I carelessly broke a section recently and Cheryl managed to find me a replacement. Many thanks again.

That's great to hear Trevor. You've got quite the collection now. Sounds like the Masterclass tutorials have helped too. Thanks from all at Sunray HQ.

Stuart Duncan (Christchurch, NZ)
Micro lite, macro fun

Lovely progressive action with great build quality and components. Delivers casts softly and accurately - very effective on spooky trout in clear water. Oh and 5 pieces make it easy to transport. Overall Sunray magic!

We're very happy to hear this Stuart. The Microlite GT is a delight isn't it. Thanks for taking the time to review it for us, from all at Sunray HQ.

Point and shoot

I bought the 10’4wt 5 pc rod and reel combo late last summer with the intention of bringing it w me on a trip to fish the US western waters of the Grand Teton National Park. I fished small streams, lakes and the mighty Snake River. Never have I utilized such a responsive rod. Coupled w the SC micro thin line w overhang marker this was a dream to use. I had to back down on the power that I put into my cast and when I did, the rod literally did all the work. It was like point the rod and shoot the line. Fantastic products all the way around.

Absolutely delighted to read this review John. You've put a smile on the faces of the Team here at Sunray HQ.

Nigel Perrin (Paignton, GB)
Awesome rod

Absolutely over the moon with this rod , even better than I hoped. Great product.

Hi Nigel, Thanks so much for the positive comments, but you’ve clicked 1 star in error….I’m presuming you meant 5. Hopefully you can amend to 5 stars for us. Thanks from all at Sunray HQ.

Gilles Pichot (Saint-Chely-d'Apcher, FR)
Microlite GT10’6#3

I buy the microlite GT 5 pièces for travel.but i like it 👍

We're pleased to see your positive comments. Thank you from Team Sunray.