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Buzzer Product Info

Curated by Competition fly fishers, these Buzzers win competitions every weekend on large and small stillwaters. We have tweaked the 8 most successful patterns used either with or without indicators. They come in packs of 3  and contain 3 sizes, 12,14 & 16. These sizes cover every situation.

Red Vicar : Early in the season use this fly on the point. Black is a great early season colour and the Red Vicar contains a red hot spot which imitates the Hemoglobin left over from the bloodworm stage in the Chironomid as it ascends the water column. Change sizes as the fish turn off brighter buzzers later in the season and it begins to convert again. Deadly.

Red Holo Stripped Quill : As the buzzers hatch through the early season into middle season, they change colour. This pattern matches those stages. Use on a top dropper or middle dropper in any of the 3 sizes until you find the taking depth and size. The red holographic cheek has proven a winner on the comp scene and the stripped quill represents the body perfectly.

Silver Cheek Quill : When the water is a little coloured (approx 2' visibility) and it's mid season, use this pattern. It imitates the resident buzzer colours with a twist. The silver cheek lights up the head of the buzzer and if you fish with a gentle arc drift in your line, this silver movement is irresistable.

Red Cheek Natural Quill : This pattern is the thinking man's version of the Red Holo Stripped Quill. When the holo version dies off but catch rates remain steady, switch to this and the catch rates are boosted. A trick within the comp scene that the winners have used to win comps.

Olive Flexi Orange Cheek : Later in the season, buzzers move through olive hues to sometimes bright olive and into orange. This is the resident brown trout catcher for sure. Use in all 3 sizes close to weed beds and fish static. Accounts for the biggest and hardest fighting fish later in the year.

Red Butt :As the water warms up a little the buzzers change colour and move into an olive hue. The Red Butt Buzzer imitates the most wide spread colour of the buzzer stage. The red butt imitates directly the warmer water stages of the buzzer. Use on a dropper or on the point to replace the Red Vica and hold on!

Silver Vicar : As the fish become picky and the lighter olive buzzers in all sizes begin to catch less, switch to the black Vicar buzzers in smaller sizes. The Silver Vicar, we find, works in slightly more coloured water where the Red Vicar converts in clearer water. Larger sizes early season and drop to sz 16 later in season.

Wicked White : Again, a direct imitation of real life buzzers found in stillwaters. Use on the point or dropper. Particularly deadly in the smaller sizes. Some waters contain just this style of buzzer and, having it in your box, can mean catches of over 30 fish.