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Vähäinen valo

Sytyttikö joku valon?

Haluat valot -mallimme tarjoavat sinulle tämän hehkulampputilan tylsiin, pilvisiin ja yleisiin hämäriin olosuhteisiin.

Perustajamme Tom ei lähde kalastamaan ilman näitä. Täydellinen valon katoamiseen, jolloin näet kaiken, kun valoolosuhteet ovat huonot. Jatka kalastusta iltahämärään.

Mukavasti istuva kietaisukehys, suuren linssin etuosan ansiosta voit pysyä lasertarkennalla – älä missaa otetta. Olennainen osa settiä.

Istuvuus: Keskimääräisestä suureen pään kokoon.

  • Saatavilla suurennuksella linssin alaosassa (linssit ovat riittävän syvät pitämään suurennuksen poissa päänäkymästä kalastuksen aikana)
  • Polykarbonaattiset ultrakevyet naarmuuntumattomat linssit
  • Runkokääre poistaa ei-toivotun valon sivuilta
  • Polarisoitu heikossa valaistuksessa keltainen linssi heikossa valaistuksessa
  • Kevyet kosketusvarret takaavat nollapaineen sankoon
  • Matta, heijastamattomat iskunkestävät kehykset
  • Valettu ultrakevyt vetoketjullinen kotelo
  • Pehmeä kosketus mikrokuitupuhdistusliina

Did someone turn on the light?

Our Low Light model gives you that light bulb situation, for those dull, overcast and general low light conditions.

Our founder, Tom won’t go fishing without these. Perfect for when the light is disappearing, giving you the ability to see everything when the light conditions are poor. Keep fishing into dusk.

Comfort fit wrap around frame, with large lens front means you can stay laser focused - don’t miss a take. An essential piece of kit. 

Fit: Average to Large Head Size


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Charlie vella (Melbourne, AU)
Low light sunglasses

These are the best glasses ever bought my first pair were stolen and second pair were lost over board and my thrid pair are locked in my glove they are to valuable

Derek Flor (Whittier, US)
Killing two birds with one stone.

While I really like the thought of low light sunglasses, I like it even better with magnification because it simplifies my time on the water groping for magnifiers. I need a little bit more magnification that what is offered and I wish the lenses were a little brighter, but I still stand by the glasses as a pretty good solution for the low lighting I find in the canyons and under tree canopies I find myself in. While not perfectly suited to my special visual needs, they come pretty close and I don't always have to pull out additional magnification. I'm pleased with my purchase.

Roberta Cooke (Londonderry, GB)

Great for fishing

Martyn Dewhurst (Stevenage, GB)
Okay but not great quality

The glasses “do what they are supposed to do” but they feel and look cheap

Sorry to hear you didn't rate your Low Light sunglasses Martyn.
We concentrated on lightweight/comfort styling with lenses that are effective, at a 'good value' price. Yes, there are higher quality frames out there, but at a significantly higher price point. We don't want you to be disappointed with your purchase, so offer returns of unused items with 30 days.

Stephen Smith (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)

Exactly as advertised. They brighten dull days and stop glare on bright days. Can see below the surface and the built in magnifier for my ageing eyes is just perfect. No more “off with one pair-on with another”

Great aren't they Stephen. Tom always has a pair on him. Pleased to hear you rate them too.

Bruce Girdlestone
Great low light glasses

Excellent visibility and the magnification is a great idea

C.C. (Paignton, GB)
brilliant for overcast days

Your low light sunglasses are brilliant for overcast days and late evening spinner hatches on penstock lagoon. Kind regards, Craig, Australia.