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Proliinin kelluva siima

Myydyin Proline. Kyllä, se punainen, josta kaikki puhuvat!

Käytä sitä pysähdyksissä / vieheissä, veneessä ja rannalla, joissa, Euronymphingissa ja kuivauksissa. Äärimmäistä monipuolisuutta: Micro ohut juoksulinja, erittäin liukas joustava pinnoite, mikä tarkoittaa vähemmän kitkaa.

Voit odottaa enemmän etäisyyttä, herkkyyttä ja tarkkuutta, vapaita ajelehtia ja hiljaisia ​​poimia... äläkä unohda alhaista muistia ja alhaista venytystä.

Se on yksinkertaista. Huijaa vähemmän, koukuta enemmän, laskeudu enemmän.

  • Ei hitsattuja silmukoita tai puolaa.Olemme keskittyneet tarjoamaan sinulle parhaan valikoiman parhaaseen hintaan.

    Whether you're casting on lakes or rivers, this fly line delivers outstanding results.

    A standout feature of the Proline Floating Fly Line is its versatility. This fly line is designed to accommodate different sizes of flies, making it suitable for various fishing conditions. Whether you're targeting small trout or large salmon, this fly line will meet your needs.

    The Proline Floating Fly Line offers exceptional performance and provides a smooth and effortless casting experience. Its weight forward tapered design allows for seamless line control and effortless casting.

    Weight Head Length Total Length
    Proline #1 6.5g at 30' 30' 90'
    Proline #2 7.8g at 30' 30' 90'
    Proline #3 8.2.g at 30' 30' 90'
    Proline #4 9.5g at 30' 30' 90'
    Proline #5 17g at 40 40' 120'
    Proline #6 19g at 40' 40' 120'
    Proline #7 21g at 45' 45' 120'
    Proline #8 23g at 40' 40’ 120'


    ✓ Good all round mid head floating line
    ✓ Micro Thin running line. Extreme distance
    ✓ Exceptional roll / Spey casting line
    ✓ Great for lakes & rivers
    ✓ Casts small, medium and larger flies

    Proline #1 6.5g at 30' Head Length

    Proline #2 7.8g at 30' Head Length

    Proline #3 8.2.g at 30' Head Length

    Proline #4 9.5g at 30' Head Length

    Proline #5 17g at 40' Head Length 

    Proline #6 19g at 40' Head Length

    Proline #7 21g at 45' Head Length

    Proline #8 23g at 40' Head Length

    ✓ Spey / triangle taper
    ✖︎ No welded loops
    ✓ Permaslik Anti Crack Coating
    ✓ Micro Thin Running Line

    ✖︎ No spool






    Customer Reviews

    Based on 492 reviews
    Ernesto Ferrario


    grant mcgowan (Dunfermline, GB)
    Doesn’t cast great

    Avoid this line worst casting line Iv ever used. Good job it was on offer at £19.99 save your money and buy a better brand

    Davin Foster (Crediton, GB)
    Pro line

    I'm quite new to fly fishing and bought the property line off a FB advert, tried it out on Friday at Chew valley and found my casting seemed better, I'm very happy with the line , I've just ordered some leaders too .

    howard evans (Hengoed, GB)
    Proline Floating Line

    I bought a weight forward 6 line,this is a lovely line to cast it flows so easy through the rings well worth the price, I want to purchase a weight 7 next, but have sold out,hope you will be selling more in the near future.

    Barrie Henderson (Workington, GB)
    Proline Floating Line

    Does everything he says on the adverts - great casting line.

    William Marsland (Dumbarton, GB)
    Pro line

    Good value for money at £20 all day long

    Vincent Ruggiero (Hialeah, US)
    True Review

    Ok first, I ASSumed it was a weight-forward line. It was not. But turns out, I absolutely did not need it for my 4 weight. I am not a make-believe guy, so, when I say it flings as far as any weight forward line with less splash, I mean it. I can easily toss this 60’ feet with accuracy. Love the red line, I like seeing my cast, and have enough leader line to make the color of my running line irrelevant to the fish. Sure with this was made in USA.

    Welcome to Team Sunray Vincent. So happy to hear you're enjoying your Proline.