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Git Down Inter / 2 ips / 3 ips Vask med Overhang Marker®️

Hvis fiskene kigger op, får du dem med denne line!

Vores hurtigste læssesynkelinje med en overhængsmarkør for at forhindre dig i at forlænge dine falske kast.

Tredobbelt tæthed for at få fluer hurtigt ned og synke i et plant plan. Holder fluer i zonen i længere tid. Fisk de øverste 4 fod med denne line, udforsk hver tomme, hvor fiskene fodrer.

Den forreste tilspidsning med llow diameter betyder, at selvom dette er en vaskespids, lander den ikke som en mursten.

Det korte hoved betyder, at den loader hurtigt og flyver fantastiske afstande med ét træk.

Brug den til stillevande med begrænset plads til at kaste tilbage, kajak-/bådfiskere, kystklippefiskeri, flodfiskeri med begrænset plads eller enkelthånds speykast.

Hvis du er konkurrencefisker, skal du ikke gå på vandet uden.


    Search more. Hook more. Convert more.

    Don't cut corners. Fish every inch of the lake with this triple density sinking line, that sinks in a level plane. Forget those lines that fish in an arc. Simply put, it keeps flies in the zone for longer.

    It's a fast sinking line, to get flies down. With a short head, and Overhang Marker feature, to load quickly and blast flies amazing distances with one haul. Fish further, deeper for longer...



    Head Length

    Total Length

    Git Down Inter / 3ips #5

    17g at 36'



    Git Down Inter / 3ips #6

    19g at 36'



    Git Down Inter / 3ips #7

    21g at 38'



    Git Down Inter / 3ips #8

    23.5g at 38'



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Chris Constantinou

    Quite simply a brilliant line, so easy to use/cast and the overhang marker is great.
    Love the company, amazing products and customer service.

    Your positivity is much appreciated Chris. Thanks for the review of your line. Team Sunray

    Christopher Rippon

    Git Down Inter / 2 ips / 3 ips Sinking Fly Line with Overhang Marker®️

    martin ferguson (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)
    New fly line

    Was easy to Order and delivered quick got for Xmas present hope will be great

    Paul Jones (Harlech, GB)
    Great casting line

    My 5wt line matches my 7wt rod better. Casts and fishes brilliantly in the 4 to 5ft depth zone . Absolutely flies out and sinks tip first so contact with the fly is maintained, even when retrieve is paused.

    Dale clarke (Greenford, GB)

    This line is absolutely brilliant for casting and sinking I would recommend to anyone and if your a beginner your casting will improve with sunray lines.

    Rene Rasmussen (Haugesund, NO)
    Git down inter 2/3 isp sink


    Rob Byrne (Nottingham, GB)
    Slow sink line.

    I’ve used this product on 4 occasions since purchasing it a few weeks ago. It consistently performs well, the overhang marker helps casting even into an head wind. Such a simple but effective idea. I also have the floating line and will not hesitate to recommend either to everyone. Very few lines live up to the hype/advertising they are given, I think this product exceeds it. Until you try it you will then understand the ease it gives to casting.