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Bung Line Info

After a customer survey, competition fisher feedback and our own input, here it is. We can tell you this was one of the hardest fly lines to make. So many features we'll make it short.

High floating so you can set the hook at range. Easy distance casting short head but low diameter. Those 2 things don’t normally go together but we've done it. Dull colour head with striped indicator feature. When you are focusing on the indicator, you can sometimes lose its position. Being able to track the line to the tip does 2 things. It means you never lose sight of the bung but you can use the line as another indicator. You’d be surprised at how many times you can miss the bung going down but see the line move with this feature.

The dark areas disappear on the water leaving the low diameter high floating dull non fish scaring stone colour to act as a giant indicator / tracking system. This gives the best of 3 worlds. Sign posts the position of the Bung. Acts as a secondary back up visual indicator. Keeps it dull to not scare fish. In competitions the difference between 1st and 3rd can be counted in 1-3 fish. This line is designed to reach more fish, signal more takes and set more hooks. It’s about catching more fish. As simple as that.

Overhang Marker gives you the first pick up zone which you can slip line and release when it’s at your hands. It will shoot further than any line you own at this point. And it aids those who can’t cast far. The front taper is very buoyant and easily turns over big Fario style bungs with 3 or 4 flies. But it lands gently and extends the leader out without tangling fluorocarbon leaders. Weights 5-8 to fish super light, medium and heavy. All enabling sensitive and direct hook sets. Extra strong double coated welded loops prevent the leaders cutting into the loops.

Extra slick and durable coating means the line picks up straight away off the water and easily shoots to reset the drift, instantly.

Micro thin running line means the hook set is direct and shooting 100’ is possible. A very complicated and feature full line. As far as we know the only dedicated BUNG line on the market. Coatings made in UK. 3 colour. Welded loops. A serious fly line for fishers wanting to convert 60% more takes.