Volition Dry Fly 10' #2 JL
Volition Dry Fly 10' #2 JL
Volition Dry Fly 10' #2 JL
Volition Dry Fly 10' #2 JL
Volition Dry Fly 10' #2 JL
Volition Dry Fly 10' #2 JL
Volition Dry Fly 10' #2 JL
Volition Dry Fly 10' #2 JL

Volition Dry Fly 10' #2 JL

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  • Weight 82g
  • Unground natural intelligent carbon blank
  • K series anti friction strippers angled to 30 degrees
  • Balanced full flex action that loads deep
  • Birds eye maple wood reel seat with anti jam cnc threads
  • Alignment dots
  • Aluminium tube
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  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Hassle Free Returns - 30 day no nonsense return policy for any reason

    What it's for

    • Dry fly fishing. River and lake.
    • #2 dry fly lines / mono French leaders
    • Tippets down to 0.10mm
    • Trout up to 15lb  

    What it's not for

    • Lures or large bobber indicators  
    • Sinking fly lines

      Also consider


        If you mostly fish dry fly, then use the Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly #2. You can also French leader, short / long range dry fly and Czech nymph with it.

        If you mostly nymph then use the World Nymph. Designed for World competitors, it's a micro thin, coated level line that gives the most direct path to your sub surface flies.


        If you mostly fish dry fly, then use Straight 'n' Soft tapered leaders. They are the only leaders on the market that don't coil. They aren't shiny and they lay dead straight. They are a dull matt grey colour at the butt section and clear at the front.

        Typical dry fly setup

        9' 5X tapered leader
        2 turn water knot
        2' 0.12mm tippet with sz 18 dries

        If you mostly nymph then use Hybrid. Designed for World competitors, it's fluorocarbon coated mono that doesn't get weaker when wet. Wet knot strength is the variable competitors look for.

        Typical nymph setup

        Needle knot to fly line or grinner knot to fly line loop
        8' 0.14mm Hybrid tippet
        3 turn water knot to top dropper
        4" dropper 18" from the point
        0.12mm Hybrid tippet to sz 14 spider
        Point fly sz 12 weighted bug

        Customer's experience

        Soren Tang Lemvig, DK

        - In Denmark we fish for Sea Trout almost everywhere along the coast, in brackish water and in the streams. However, I like brown trout and grayling. Because Denmark is a salmon and seatrout fixated country, with room to spare for the odd trip for pike, a 4 weight is considered a very light rod by many and my gear used to consist of 4-5 weights between 8'6'' and 9'6''.

        Since I started using the JL 2 rod everything has changed for me. The JL helps me present the fly far better in a plethora of situations. Using dries, nymphs, buzzers, and even some wet flies in varying settings has improved as the rod has gradually opened my mind to new tactics and approaches to presentation. I love the deep action of the blank which allows me to adapt my casting to whatever the situation calls for, and the reach, which is quintessential to me now, helps me work over and beyond dense bank vegetation and, in addition, control where I want my line to land e.g. to avoid faster currents pulling the line when fishing upstream, etc.

        Combined with the JL line, this rod is capable of insanely delicate presentations compared to my old gear, and I get takes that I otherwise would never have gotten. Hundreds, if not a 1000+ of sea trout around 3lb are caught every day in Denmark. I catch them on my Volition JL. But what is so special about this is that I fish far, far up a tributary where the river is sometimes around 1 meter wide and packed with vegetation. I use the Volition Jl, sz 16 Perdigon on 0.10 Hybrid tippet. Getting the take alone seems unlikely, but also netting these fish is something else. The tippet protection of the JL and calm control it lends me is surprising.

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 13 reviews
        My best ever year - thanks

        I received a Volition 2 weight for my 40th when you first released them and I’ve coupled it with the monocore JL 2 weight or WC nymph lines. When we spoke on the phone way back in March (I think), you said to me that you’d give me a line if I didn’t catch more fish this year through using your gear. Well, your line is safe – but then I’m sure you knew that’d be the case anyway – it’s been a GREAT year. I’m still very much an ‘improver’, but I’ve caught more fish this season than my limited ability really should’ve allowed – and in tricky summer conditions too - when the Dove and Derwent were both on their backsides. I went on the Dee in July for a lads weekend and caught more fish (on dries, duo and nymphs) than the experienced guys around me because your kit helped me figure out a better way to fish. To me, the positive impact of your gear as a ‘system’ is best evidenced by my ‘fish of the summer’ – a 2lb brown caught from the Dove when the river was at its lowest and catch returns were way down. It fed on things I could barely see, but between the rod, the WC nymph line, a tapered leader tied to 7x Hybrid tippet tied and a 24 Humpy (note the strong influence of the blogs here regarding flies and tactics!), I was able to cast accurately to that fish and present my fly as I intended. The ‘as intended’ part for me is where the real pleasure came – your gear let me harness my ability and do what I needed to. In that one scenario, I realised that my approach really had changed and I’d actually improved. Clearly, I took the brown by surprise because the fight was brutal! But the rod cushioned the remarkably strong 7x tippet brilliantly and it is just so much fun to cast, use and play a fish on. I did promise you a review and I will translate my thoughts into something more succinct. But, thanks again for the brilliantly-designed gear and the fun it’s given me this year. !

        A game changing combination.

        Very happy to give an unreserved 5 stars to the Volition JL #2. The Volition came highly recommended to me by my long standing fishing friend Dave Southall and I can only agree with his judgement. I’m using it in conjunction with the mono core JL #1 line, this combination gives me the delicate presentation I have been looking for for a long time, a game changing step forward in my experience. It casts accurately even into a stiff breeze with ease, has a delicate tip ( my first impression was it was softer than I expected) but a surprising amount of steel in the mid section. On my second outing with the Volition on the river Eden I caught a 22” wild brown trout which was sipping midges, the Volition was a revelation at cushioning my light tippet yet had enough backbone to cope with a powerful fish. I’m very impressed.

        Volition 10’#2 JL

        Saved the penny’s for a while to buy this & it was worth the wait! I was looking a light Dry Fly rod for evenings on small still waters fishing small drys. I have used it’s for this purpose now a few times & had fish 3-4lb, get fun! Presentation is excellent & it protects x6 tippet with its soft tip section, this allows small flys light tippet & big fish!

        Wow it’s that good.

        Hi Tom I just wanted to write a few words about the JL2 10’ #2 I bought from you. I finally managed to use it this week, what a rod somehow it manages to cast a nymph line with a team on as it should! But somehow it manages to cast a single size 18 cdc on a floating line to rising fish 40-50’ away on the river Eden.. I’m just gutted I’d left my camera in the car. Vert very impressed well done mate. Cheers Colin.


        My great love is fishing small rivers with dry flies, since receiving the Volition 10' 2# teamed up with the Monocore JL Dry Fly I've fished ten times using this rod. I can cast both short and long distance with much improved presentation, the length also allows opportunities to put the fly in previous impossible places.