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10'6" - 11'6" twin tip convertible #0 fly rod

The rod that changed fly fishing. The grey area between Tenkara and Fly Fishing. There are 2 models. One is all black with black grip. The other is traditional flor cork.


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The delicacy of Tenkara with the distance and fish playing ability of Fly Fishing. A solid tip taken from Coarse Match fishing to allow very long pick ups and extreme control. There is no more sensitive tip technology than solid carbon. Match fishers have known it for years. This rod will land fish on tippets down to 0.80mm. With the power to land fish up to double figures.

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Game changer!

This is as close to perfection for the type of waters I fish as possible. A Zero rod, micro thin nymph line, 6X tippet and plume tip. Guys it just doesn’t get any better!

The Ninjas rod

Amazing rod its like the extension of your finger you feel everything i was fishing with the 11.6 tips plus the sunray world championships nymph line its the ultimate combo that rod bend so mutch you can handel good size fish no problem its bending all the energy is absorb by the perfect taper of the rod i cant wait to go back fishing whit my zero The rod to have for Nymphing thx Tom for that great product !

Zero Weight But a Ton of Laughs

i've come down Tom's Sunray range from 7, 5, 2 and now zero. All absolute winners and all more than fit for their jobs. I love the 2 weight because of its adaptability and sensitivity but the zero weight is wonderful. At one end of the spectrum, you can control bigger fish because of the rod's sensitivity at the other end that sensitivity gives more bang for the buck, or should it be ounce, when playing the smaller fish. Sure I can't cast it as far as the 2weight but I don't need to. I agree with the "eminent reviewer" that you achieve more accuracy with the shorter tip section but in my case accuracy tolerances are generous anyway so I enjoy the other advantages of the longer tip. All these adventures were with Tom's European Nymphing Line. however, the other day I threw an identical reel in my pocket only to find I had a DT 2 weight line. To fish or not to fish? Don't be silly; on it went albeit with the shorter tip. Worked well, caught fish. Great rod, great fun, good value. Thanks again Tom.

5 stars

Hello Sunray
This rod exceeds my expectations. The fist ultra light fly rod with high performance . Nicely done Sunray

Proved to be a revelation.

My first tests were on my local small still water, a U shaped canal-like water with a distinct flow & very well educated, challenging rainbows. In four short sessions targeting visible cruising fish I caught over 30 rainbows up to 3lb. Most fell for a size 18 Black Gnat, but some took a size 24 Buzzer Pupa or a size 30 CdC Midge, generally on 0.09mm tippet. The rod bent down to the handle & soaked up the surging runs & head shaking; furthermore it subdued the fish relatively quickly despite the fine tippet. This rod will handle sizeable fish! At 10’ 6” it cast superbly with a Micro Nymph line & 11’ leader/tippet, also performed well with a French Leader & a 1 weight Micro Thin Jeremy Lucas line. At 10’ 6” in calm conditions I was amazed at how far I could cast a 2.5 weight (Japanese scale which is 0.26mm/0.010” diameter/1x/10lb breaking strain) fluorocarbon level Tenkara line (over 20’ of line plus 3’ of tippet beyond the rod tip), accurately targeting cruising rainbows.

My first trial on a river was on a desperately low & clear Yorkshire Derwent in bright sun with a tricky downstream breeze. I fished the rod at 10’ 6” with a 0.55mm diameter micro nymph line & 11’ leader/tippet with a size 20 Black Gnat or a size 20 CdC IOBO Humpy as there were clouds of Dance Flies & the few risers were taking them. The rod performed flawlessly providing accurate casting & super delicate presentation, which resulted in 14 wild brown trout being landed. Later I used the same setup to fish a size 24 CdC Midge to some very fussy fish feeding on Aphids in the slow, smooth sections on one of West Yorkshire’s industrial rivers resulting in 17 wild brown trout up to 14” being landed. Once again presentation & accuracy were superb & I could repeatedly cover the rising fish, without spooking them, until they finally took my offering.

In conclusion, in my opinion, the 10’ 6” configuration is an absolutely superb (probably the ultimate) ultra-light line rod for dry fly or Euro Nymphi...