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Microslik Big Head

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Microslik low diameter longer belly distance fly line.

Microslik. A licensed technology developed by Sunray. Defined by extreme dry slickness. A dry, matt finish which reduces line flash and constantly re-dresses the line's surface. A low diameter floating fly line that casts extreme distances accurately. A highly advanced taper design that maintains loop shape at all distances, finally unrolling anything up to multi fly rigs. A super low presence pigment makes this line perfect when stealth is key.

The Big Head is a 45' head low diameter line designed to give extreme distance but land very delicately. The belly is 30% thinner than a comparable line which gives presentation like a double taper line, but casts like a shooting head. Comparable to silk lines in terms of cutting the wind and delicacy without the need to dry and redress the line. Probably our most accomplished fly line for #5 and #6 rods.

  • Profoundly slick. Feels like silk.
  • Micro size welded loops.
  • Wading or boat.
  • Lake or River.
  • Slices through wind.
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    Loops, Leaders, Set Ups, Maintenance & FAQ's

    Q. Does it come with loops? A. Yes. At both ends.
    Q. What leader / tippet should I use? A. Do not use shop bought tapered leaders. They are too thick, too shiny and too wiry. Use Sunray Hybrid Tippet. Use Sunray Sinking Leaders to turn the floating line into a sink tip. 
    Q. What rod should I use? A. Any #5,#6 rod over 8' will work extremely well.
    Q. What weight should I buy for my rod? A. If you have a #6 rod, buy a #6 line for instance.
    Q. How do I maintain the line? A. They are guaranteed for 1 year. A wipe with a cloth sprayed with silicone periodically will keep it clean and slick.
    Q. What is the core strength & how sensitive is it? A. The core is 8% stretch braid 25lb.

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    used by 28 world championship team members