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JL Micro Thin Dry Fly with Overhang Marker®️


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Micro thin fly line designed to overhead cast dry flies and nymphs. The ultimate in delicate landing, stealthy approach fly fishing. Designed for the spookiest trout in crystal clear water and bright sun. A line for the most difficult fish. Designed to cast overhead but with a 12' front taper down to an ultra low diameter tip, you can nymph in calm or fast water also. 33' head.

What is the difference with the Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly? Use the Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly with rods 9' and over. Use the Stuart Croft's Dry Fly with rods 9' and under. If the rod is 9', then you can choose either. The Jeremy Lucas has a longer head designed for larger rivers. The Stuart Croft's has a shorter head designed for smaller rivers.

  • 2 smooth, small, strong welded loops
  • Overhang marker
  • Micro thin running line
  • Micro thin anti shadow grey front taper
  • 100' total length
  • 33' head length
  • Easy spool packaging, just tie on and pull
  • Low memory
  • Lies straight

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Brendan Shaw (Morecambe, GB)
Awesome Line! Research & development at is best... A GAME CHANGER!!!

Well, i’ve contemplated buying this line for a long time now and can only say...... I wish i had done it sooner! The problem I had here was that i was trying to compare it to other lines on the market, when in fact what Sunray have done here is create a completely new and revolutionary product! .... Its really not like any other fly line i’ve ever cast before! .... This line is simply a ‘Game changer’ ...... It loads my 10ft Streamflex with ease, i’ve never felt it load so well before, its like it has literally brought my rod to life! .... and with the overhang marker at hand, a couple of false casts and this line just flies out!!! Not only does it cast with ease but it’s really fine diameter allows it to present beautifully!!! Tom is right, it makes me giggle every time i cast it! To me this product has changed the face of my fishing and offered me new opportunities that i wouldn't have had before! Its so refreshing to see a company investing in proper research and development to actually engineer quality products and not just churn out the same old products! If your considering this line... my advice is ..... just buy it, you wont regret it and you will realise that this is how fly lines should work! Well done guys 😎

Michael Schreiber (Olching, DE)
JL Dry Fly - Rod + Line #2

Was a bit long wait for the line - but now everything perfect. We're heading for the Marmorata-season's Start in Italy and will try our best (probably more on the Nymph as there won't be many insects hatching in February :-))

Ben Beckwith
Simply Sensational

Absolutely effortless casting! Ultralight presentation of all manner of dries and nymphs both short range and at distance. Simply sensational!

Karl Davies (Leyland, GB)
A Revelation!

First time using gear this light but was still able to get to grips with casting and getting good presentation. I’m not the best caster but found even when I piled one in, it made minimum disturbance allowing me to stalk the fish pictured; an educated early summer fish on the Ribble UK. Previously I would not have been able to get a take from a such a fish or would have spooked it in the process. Light line fishing is the way ahead for me! The line is very thin but it is also very supple so it is easy to manage with no tangles and no dramas. Sunray products are excellent and Tom is a pleasure to deal with; great customer service!

Julian saunders (Derby, GB)

I took a cha ce with 2 Sunray lines and ventured to bank fish rutland water. The fish are at least 30 metres out and this line just gets you there every time I'm using the tippett too and no tangles in 3 days and at 14 ft and the full line out I would say that's incredible really. I just dont need to wade out again. It's a lone that has changed the game for me. Highly recommended and an improvement at any level. I took Tom's advise, and he was dead right on what to buy and also spot on whith what it would change for me. A much happier angler. Thank you Tom and all at Sunray.

Mike Freeman (Redruth, GB)
Micro thin fly lines

After a dalliance of about 12 months using conventional Fly Lines and trying lots of top quality different makes (Rio, Scientific Anglers, Hardy, Royal Wulff) I have now returned to my Sunray Micro Thin Jeremy Lucas and Stuart Crofts Lines in #3 and #4 line weights. These lines have been stored on their original packing spools for over 12 months and I was very pleased to note that when uncoiled from the spool, they were dead straight and unaffected by storage.
For presenting dry flies on relatively short leaders, I have not found anything better and would strongly recommend anyone committed to light presentation fly fishing to try these lines.
I also own a Sunray PL2 Nymph Rod (10ft#2) and in addition to enjoying this rod very much for nymphing on running water, I use it for dry fly fishing for Wild Browns on my local reservoir-its brilliant!

Aldo Orlando
Big strike at first use

"On the web, looking for something REALLY new... "

Thanks for sharing this pic

Clark Colman
A stiffening wind and steady rain called for the Jeremy Lucas Line

"Today, roughly 25 years after Mike Weaver's book The Pursuit of Wild Trout introduced me to the ruggedly-magical rivers and brooks of Dartmoor, I finally managed to recce sections of three of them. A 10ft #3, 4-metre French Leader, 1 metre of level 3lbs tippet and either a Retirer Sedge (17-19) or Oppo (16) took care of the small, plentiful and lightning-fast lower-to-middle Cherry Brook brownies until lunchtime. Afterwards, a stiffening wind and steady rain called for a little extra support (in the form of a #3 Jeremy Lucas presentation line from Tom Bell at Sunray) in order to best tackle the lower Cowsic Brook and upper West Dart. Dramatic moorland scenery, gin-clear rough-and-tumble pocket water and hungry, upward-looking, feisty and vividly-coloured fish aplenty in Hound of the Baskervilles country. Precisely the kind of environment I enjoy fishing the most - and all for only a tenner! Without doubt the best-value day ticket fishing I've ever enjoyed - an ambition fulfilled and then some."

Thanks Clark. Even in a wind that 3 weight can do the business right.

David Holme
My first chance to try

"My first chance to try out my new Sunray World Championship Nymph line came on the upper Wye, upstream from Builth Wells, an area renowned for Grayling. Using a team of two size 18 tungsten nymphs on about 3m of 7X fluorocarbon leader, I landed eight Grayling and with two just over 0.5kg and one WBT of 0.4kg. At least double my average for a typical days fishing. Looking forward to testing the Jeremy Lucas line with drys."

David, it's no coincidence. Ever since we launched this pine in 2014 we've had reports of people simply catching more fish on it. Thanks for sharing.

Carlos Mitidieri
"When fishing in rivers, I"

"When fishing in rivers, I like to be able to change from nymphs to dry flies and back in accord to the fishing conditions. Specially in the river where I fish, grayling will rise on narrow time periods along the day , and one has to adapt very quickly. The JL fly line came to fulfill all my expectations, as it allows me to present and keep contact nymphs in the short range, while it is a great line for presenting dries in the short to medium range. No line that I know will deliver such a beautiful loop and land with such a low disturbance, as the JL do."

Thanks for sharing Carlos. yes, Jeremy and I wanted a line that you could do both with.

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