Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly

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30% thinner than a comparable line. Built on fluorocarbon core.

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What it's for

  • Dry fly, Czech nymphing, Euro nymphing & French leader.
  • Moss green running line. Olive head and dark grey high float tip
  • Distance up to 70'
  • Volition 10' #2 and Zero Foam / Cork

What it's not for

  • Very windy fisheries
  • Very rough / fast / broken water


Also consider

    Jeremy and Tom conspired to make the ultimate dry fly line.

    Jeremy Lucas. England Team Manager

    Driven by two fundamentals; conservation of wild habitat and the key of presentation. Jeremy Lucas is known for his simplicity and minimalism which he refers to as the 'ultimate refinement'. Cambridge science graduate, author of Presentation Fly-Fishing, Tactical Fly Fishing & long standing England team member, Jeremy’s name is synonymous with light line fly fishing. Uncomfortable with listing competitive achievements, the list is as broad as it is long.

    First ever winner of the European Open Championship 1987
    Team gold, silver and bronze medals in World and European Championships
    Individual bronze (World Championships 1993)
    Winner of River and Lake Home internationals 1994 & 2004
    Australian National Team Coach
    Present England Team Manager


    • Low stretch 12lb fluorocarbon core
    • High float tip
    • Fluorocarbon core (World's first fluorocarbon core dry fly line)
    • 90' total length
    • 12' front taper
    • 4' rear taper
    • 33' head length
    • 3 zone, ultra slick, low memory coating


    • Volition 10' #2
    • Zero


    Use Straight 'n' Soft tapered leaders. They are the only leaders on the market that don't coil. They aren't shiny and they lay dead straight. They are a dull matt grey colour at the butt section and clear at the front.

    Typical dry fly setup

    Typical French leader setup

    9' total leader length consisting of;

    • 5' 0.12mm Hybrid
    • 3 turn water knots
    • 2' down to dropper
    • 6" dropper
    • 2' down to point


    • Top dropper sz 18 partridge and orange spider
    • Middle dropper sz 16 cdc hairs ear
    • Point fly sz 16 black spider

    Use Hybrid. Designed for World competitors, it's fluorocarbon coated mono that doesn't get weaker when wet. Wet knot strength is the variable competitors look for.

    Customer's experience

    P. Williams London UK

    - Having used french leaders up until now I know that they are great to use and have no issues with using them rather than the Sunray line. what the Sunray line offers for me is a lot more in terms of versatility, I can easily cast with this line far easier than with a french leader when I switch tactics and nymph in other styles plus it casts a dry fly very well indeed, for me when I go out now I wont take any other lines or reels with me because my Sunray line will cover whichever tactic I need it to.

    The line itself is of course low diameter and as such makes minimal disturbance on the water when using it as a dry fly line, I set mine up with a 2ft section of amnesia sunset in red and yellow with a loop one end to loop onto the fly line and a tippet ring the other end to attach my fluorocarbon tippet which I vary depending on the depth. Today I only used a single nymph and for only a very short time but first impressions were positive, yes I could have used a french leader but for me the line looks as if it will last me longer and has no memory that I've observed thus far, feel is rather like using braid in terms of the feedback it gives, yes its expensive in comparison to the french leader but I'm happy with it."

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    I took a cha ce with 2 Sunray lines and ventured to bank fish rutland water. The fish are at least 30 metres out and this line just gets you there every time I'm using the tippett too and no tangles in 3 days and at 14 ft and the full line out I would say that's incredible really. I just dont need to wade out again. It's a lone that has changed the game for me. Highly recommended and an improvement at any level. I took Tom's advise, and he was dead right on what to buy and also spot on whith what it would change for me. A much happier angler. Thank you Tom and all at Sunray.


    I had the good fortune to be demonstrating & teaching flycasting at the Scorton Game Fair 2017,where I met Tom Bell who offered me one of his rods with one of his floating micro thin lines on. I can honestly say I was very impressed with how light & subtle the line was to cast with, not only did it achieve distances with minimum effort & ease but it performed equally well with Ariel mends & roll casts needless to say I purchased a 6# there and then.
    I’ve recently bought the Jeremy Lucas Dry Fly and having used it on my local rivers I can only say it does everything it says on the TIN.It floats high, if you do a smooth lift off you hardly get any surface disturbance, it’s great for accuracy casts, and because it’s ultra thin and a dark brown tip it’s stealth like whilst fishing.
    Mike Lonsdale GAIA Instructor.