Hybrid Fly Fishing Tippet - fluorocarbon vs monofilament

Hybrid Tippet

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Fluorocarbon Coated Nylon Monofilament Tippet

Combining the best qualities of both nylon and fluorocarbon. This is the same material we use for our Micro Thin fly line cores. The highest grade polyamide available coated with 100% pure fluorocarbon. What does this mean? The suppleness of nylon with the durability and abrasion resistance of fluorocarbon. Hybrid maintains almost 100% of its strength in water, unlike conventional nylon tippet which can weaken by 15% when wet. Designed to match our brand philosophy, stealth at all costs, this tippet comes in a dull finish with a grey tint to avoid line flash.

  • Durable, soft tippet.
  • Exceptional dry fly presentations.
  • High wet knot strength.
  • Zero line flash. Multiple shots at rising fish.
  • Use for Czech, French & Spanish nymphing.


x Length Size Linear
7x 50m 0.10mm 1,08 2,38 80 ± 3% 25 ± 3% Light Grey
6x 50m 0.14mm 1,96 4,31 80 ± 3% 25 ± 3% Light Grey
5x 50m 0.16mm 2,27 5,00 80 ± 3% 25 ± 3% Light Grey
4x 50m 0.20mm 3,45 7,61 80 ± 3% 25 ± 3% Light Grey
2x 50m 0.26mm 5,51 12,15 80 ± 3% 25 ± 3% Light Grey

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Myths and Facts about Fluorocarbon / Nylon

Q. What knots should I use? A. Any knot you'd normally use with nylon monofilament.
Q. Does it degrade? A. It's generally considered mono degrades and fluoro doesn't. Being coated in fluoro we ask that you treat Hybrid as though it doesn't degrade. You should treat all tippet that way anyway. 
Q. Does Hybrid sink? A. You can make any tippet sink. Hybrid is designed to remove the need to degrease your line but still remain on the surface when dry fly fishing.
Q. Being fluoro coated, is it invisible? A. Another myth, that fluoro is invisible. Certainly coating a nylon with fluoro will not make the nylon invisible. Our advice is to dispense with that marketing hype and focus on the main benefits, high abrasion resistance, high wet knot strength, soft and supple, low sheen and relatively low cost compared to pure fluorocarbon.
Q. Why coat nylon with fluoro in the first place? A. A cheap untreated nylon material will absorb water over time which in turn will appreciably decrease strength - by as much as 20% according to some studies. You can have impressive strength to diameter stats dry, but it's the wet tensile strength that counts. It’s also important to temper this with the fact that most top manufacturers produce coated and tempered material in order to address this characteristic and also improve UV and abrasion resistance. We went one step further by layering a UV protecting, abrasion resistant, water sealing coating of fluorocarbon over an already premium quality polyamide material. Best of both worlds.

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