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Microlite SS
Microlite SS
Microlite SS
Microlite SS
Microlite SS
Microlite SS
Microlite SS
Microlite SS
Microlite SS
Microlite SS
Microlite SS
Microlite SS
Microlite SS
Microlite SS

Microlite SS

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  • Super slim carbon blank
  • K series anti friction titanium Torzite insert strippers angled to 30 degrees
  • Balanced tip action that loads deep
  • Carbon insert CNC aluminum reel seat
  • Low friction alignment dot settings
  • Brushed carbon tube
  • Airmesh rod bag

    Weights 7'6" #2 - 68g
    9’ #3 - 76.3g 10’ 6” #3 - 88.3g
    9’ #4 - 80.3g 10’ #2 - 80g
    10’ #4 - 85g 10' #5 - 85.9

    Featuring the world's most expensive guides, Torzite. In K series anti tangle, low friction strippers and Seymo diamond coated snakes, all in smoke grey finish. Torzite rings are the lightest, slimmest, hardest inserts in a ring currently in the world.

    The blank, a 20% slimmer new carbon technology developed by Sunray, called Super Slim (SS). Finished in gun metal grey and unvarnished to give a non reflective finish. 20% slimmer Flor grade cork handles reduce weight and give an unparalleled connection to the blank.

    Carbon rod tubes & 'Airmesh' rod sock weaved to allow a wet rod to dry inside the tube. The mesh has air holes weaved into it allowing air to pass and the blank to breath within the tube. And, an innovation with alignment guides that we allows the spineless blank to offset the guides reducing friction by up to 30%.

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    If within the first 36 months from the date of purchase the failure is due to a manufacturing fault or material defect, then our normal manufacturer’s guarantee will apply and the rod or part will be replaced free of charge, with the relevant handling/postage fee returned. Fees will apply if the failure was due to user error.

    Should the rod in question be discontinued it will normally be replaced with a new model up to a similar value, or there is the option to ‘trade up’ to a rod of a higher value, by paying the handling/postage fee, plus the difference in value between the two models. Please note however, that in the case of discontinued models, if purchased in a clearance sale, the maximum value covered by this guarantee is the price paid and not the original RRP.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews

    Well I chould not make my mind up either the microlite 9' 4# so I got that .well IV been fly fishing a long time ,But whàt a joy to use it ,fantastic action who needs a fast action rod trust me it's a joy to use.My line is a short head with marker #4 and can roll cast in tight spaces regards Andy 👍👍


    Went out for first day of season couldn’t quite believe how easy it was to cast into the wind. Was blown away with performance of rid and line . Caught 5 fish really quickly ..... and it was brilliant playing th fish . Not had so much fun for ages !! Quite amazing

    10ft 4#

    love the rod first outing and landed 4 lots a fun

    An excellent rod that delivers as promised

    Feel, accuracy and great delivery of the fly are key words for the 10`6" Microlite.
    This goes for both the Pro line and the Jeremy Lucas #3 with this excellent rod. Especially the turn over from fly line to leader is indeed very convincing with the JL. Great value for money. The presentation was key to me, but I highly welcome the added distance too. Great product.

    New rod

    Very pleased with my microlite ss

    Microlite ss 4 weight

    Took my Microlite SS 9 foot 4 weight out for its first session, loads quickly, casts beautifully and perfectly balanced with the Proline and Sunray reel. Managed to play this 10lb 2 oz Rainbow with absolute aplomb, no dramas at all. As you can imagine i was utterly delighted and a few people were really interested and amazed and such a small rod taking this fish in its stride!

    I’ve seen the light..

    My new 10ft 4weight Microlite got its first outing this weekend. I actually started chuckling while I was casting (it’s really that good). Loads beautifully - no excessive false casting needed , a smooth through action and an utter joy to fish with. My casting stayed consistent and didn’t fade - as it does when I fish with my usual 10ft 7wt. Light and responsive I played hard fighting rainbows and felt the fish throughout.. Honestly, it’s made fishing for me more enjoyable than I thought was possible; the kind of experience I always had in my mind’s eye. The rod looks the business too.
    If you’re reading this and thinking - should I give it a go? - just do it..
    (I also never leave online reviews - that’s how good it is...)


    The rod has been designed and manufactured with precision and attention to detail. It looks exquisite and is wonderful to use. On my first trip out with it today I was casting further than I've ever managed before with a single-hander, without effort, and I was so pleased with the feel of the rod in my hand. I didn't land or hook a trout but came away very happy with my new purchase and can't wait to get out on the water with it again. The Proline floating line that came with the rod also proved to be an excellent acquisition (especially as it was a freebie with the rod!)

    Ultimate Rod?

    If it looks good it flies good. So said a USAF general after a trip in the Hawker Hunter. Well, the same cannot be said about all fishing rods, some much hyped super duper megananzipperatas are absolute dogs when it comes to fishing them for a whole day. They require intense concentration on every movement and every second of each cast and leave you exhausted after a day of what is supposed to be fun. Plus frustrated by broken tippet because with a stiff nanwotsitwalletshrinker there is no protection from a forgiving acton. But then there is Tom Bell’s sensibly priced easy actioned range of Microlite rods. Light to hand and light in action they are capable of producing prodigious distances when required and are capable of handling big fish. Oh, and by the way it looks good and does fish good.


    With Sunray you get excellent gear, brilliant customer service and most important... knowledge! Today I managed to present a home tied size 18 dry fly (pictured) 65ft away on a small still water with a 3 weight rod and line and get a fish to take it that had flies thrown at it all day and then get it to the net. I could not do this last season; which for me says it all!

    The 10’6 3 weight rod is fantastic; it seems really light in the hand yet has the control of a much heavier rod; I played a handful of Stillwater rainbows on it today and never once felt like it was underpowered.

    Sure, other methods worked better but I bet they weren’t anywhere near as FUN!

    I will be sticking with Sunray from now on and am really looking forward to learning to get better at a sport that I love. Thank you Team Sunray.