Competition Sink Tip
Competition Sink Tip
Competition Sink Tip

Competition Sink Tip

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Float / sink tip (midge tip) fly line. 4' sink tip 1.2 ips

This slow sink tip has a 4' olive sinking section at the front to break the surface and get flies in the the top 12". The head is white with low diameter running line for extreme distances. The taper is designed to load the rod quick so you can make long distance casts with very little back casting space, yet maintain loop shape to deliver flies under trees and into tight spots. We recommend the leader and tippet combinations above. They have been chosen specifically for the sink tip taper. Use Lineslik to create even more distance and easier pickups. Lineslik also protects the line from damage.


  • Rod length adjusted taper.    
  • Micro thin running line
  • Micro thin anti shadow front taper
  • Micro welded loops


No more rattles in rod rings


Lines that literally fix your faults


Lines that cut air, fly further and land more gently

Customer Reviews

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Competition sink tip

One of the best lines I’ve tested and the same with competition float!

Fits like a glove on the Volition

What a great line at a great price! Very little memory and the line just casts itself on the Volition #7. Lands dead straight.
Tested with big streamers and stillwater rig. Perfect for both!

*Also tried it on a fast glass rod, but that was not a very good match.

Best line I have tried..

A fantastic and very easy going casting line, and it still goes all the way - till the end:-)

Another great line from Sunray

Long smooth casts and delicate arrivals of line leader and fly are this line's trademark. Like all of Tom's lines, in terms of presentation, this line fishes two weights lighter than its rating number; brilliant for those fish at distance in calm water. Coupling the line with the new leaders and Hybrid tippet just adds to the pleasure of fishing......for the fisher!

A Real Dream Line To Cast Out - More Time Fishing

The Competition Sink Tip is a dream line to cast out, and extreemly easy to deluver a soft straight presentation and turnover at some considerable distance. I have been bank / Damn fishing at Rutland with this and the floating line. Im pretty much the only guy that leaves his waders in the car - hy because i dont need to wade to get at least the same distance as other bank anglers. So a hidden benefit is less wading and disturbing fish.... The line is so good that im now saving up for a vollition 10ft #7 rod to go with. Im interested to see how good the two go together... Ill never go back to traditional lines with other manufacturers, their lines are stiff, heavy and very bulky on the back end...These lines i would say are understated by Sunray, and have changed fishing for the better. I get more fishing time and spend less time casting and more time in the water as a result of getting accurate distances.